MiC 4.0 Result Paper AK Maschinendaten Cluster 7 Attachments
MiC 4.0 Result Paper AK Maschinendaten Cluster 7 Attachments

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    MiC 4.0 Result Paper AK Maschinendaten Cluster 7 Attachments | DE-German

    The aim of Cluster 7 is to create a standard for cross-manufacturer communication between attachments and construction machinery. For this purpose, a data interface is to be developed with which all relevant application cases for communication between tool and machine can be mapped. The initial focus is on the interface between attachment and excavator.

    The aim is not to standardise the existing mechanical, hydraulic or electrical interfaces between the attachment and the construction machine, but to consider which data must be exchanged on the basis of existing systems. These data include identification data such as serial number and tool type, status data such as measured angular position and control data for controlling the tool functions, e.g. on the tiltrotator, as well as safety-relevant data, e.g. for the safe operation of quick couplers.

    About the Authors

    The framework
    With currently 105 members from seven European countries, the Machines in Construction MiC 4.0 working group is the largest network organisation and central body in Europe concerned with a uniform digital language and a common understanding of data content and its meaning.

    The problem
    Every construction equipment manufacturer has its own "digitalisation model".
    Users have to create individual solutions themselves, which is time-consuming and costly.

    The goal
    A cross-manufacturer and cross-industry understanding and comprehensive communication of digital condition, process and quality data along the entire construction process.
    "MiC 4.0 conformity" of construction machinery and building material plants in the digital environment
    A uniform data format for users and operators of machinery

    The solution
    Joint development of solutions regarding data, data format and data transmission
    Transmission of ISO standard-compliant data
    Manufacturer-independent and machine-type-independent data format

    Digital Issues



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