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    Guideline IEC 62443 | PDF DE-German

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    The primary aim of this guide is to make machine and plant engineering more secure - in the sense of security. This means both the operating processes of the machine or plant manufacturer itself and the resilience of the products - i.e. machines, plants and their components - against cyber attacks and other IT-induced damage during operation. The focus is on OT security (operational technology) and product security, not on IT security in the sense of office IT.

    1. Introduction
    1.1. Industrial Security
    1.2. Special Considerations in Mechanical and Plant Engineering
    1.3. Why Do We Need a Separate Guideline?
    2. Security Standards
    2.1. IEC 62443
    2.1.1. General Concepts
    2.1.2. Fundamental Concepts
    2.2. Structure of Requirements in IEC 62443
    2.2.1. Foundational Requirements
    2.2.2. System Requirements and Requirement Enhancements
    3. The Path Through IEC 62443
    3.1. Activities
    3.2. Scope
    3.3. Establishing a Cyber-Security Management System (CSMS)
    3.4. Definition of the Security Level
    3.5. A Map of IEC 62443
    3.5.1. Security Requirements for the Machine/Plant (IEC 62443-3-3)
    3.5.2. Security Requirements for Operating Processes (IEC 62443-2-1 or IEC 62443-2-4)
    3.5.3. Security Requirements for Service Providers (IEC 62443-2-4)
    3.5.4. Security Requirements for Products (IEC 62443-4-x)
    4. Model Machine
    4.1. Implementation of IEC 62443-3-3
    4.2. Phase 1: Zones
    4.3. Phase 2: Communication
    4.4. Phase 3: Authentication and Authorization
    4.5. Phase 4: Response and Recovery
    5. Summary and Outlook
    5.1. Summary
    5.2. Outlook
    5.2.1. Security and Safety
    5.2.2. Certification
    5.2.3. Certificates/PKI Support
    5.2.4. Using Secure Protocols
    5.2.5. Further Developments of the Standard
    5.2.6. Machine-as-a-Service and Usage-Related Services
    Appendix A. Lists
    A.1 List of Tables
    A.2 List of Figure
    Appendix B. Literature
    B.1 IEC 62443
    B.2 Other Documents
    Appendix C. Security Infrastructure of the Operator
    Appendix D. Requirements from IEC 62443-3-3
    Appendix E. Structure of IEC 62443-2-4
    Appendix F. Accredited Bodies (DAkkS) for IEC 62443

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