Salaries in the German Mechanical and Plant Engineering Industry 2023 - 2024

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Salaries in the German Mechanical and Plant Engineering Industry 2023 - 2024

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Salaries in the German Mechanical and Plant Engineering Industry 2023 - 2024

VDMA 2024
346 pages as a book including download link

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Participants of the study will receive the book unsolicited.
You can download the position catalog, an exemplary evaluation and the compliance principles as a reader PDF on the left or browse through them here.
292 companies reported around 60,000 salaries for 160 positions tailored to the mechanical engineering sector. These companies represent around 140,000 employees in the mechanical engineering sector.


The salaries in the salary study are based on 38 hours. Accordingly, the salaries were extrapolated according to contractual working hours.
The 38-hour week is the average value among our members, which was determined in our benchmark for personnel work.
The salary figures also refer to the total salary (gross employee salary), excluding fringe benefits such as benefits and shift supplements.


    General overview
    Salaried employees - total salaries by position, company size, degree of urbanization and region.
    Company car per position yes/no
    "Commercial" employees - Salaries by position, company size, degree of urbanization and region
    Variable remuneration components, annual payments such as holiday/Christmas bonus
    Remuneration for students and trainees

For this comparative study, the participating companies provided a list of the positions filled with the following data:

    Position title
    Monthly and annual salaries of employees
    Salaries of students and interns
    Weekly working hours of employees
    Pay scale, region, degree of urbanization per employee
    Vacation and Christmas bonus per employee
    Variable salary payments, e.g. commission, profit sharing, target bonuses
    Recurring and one-off special payments
    Company car yes/no
    Total annual salary per employee and extrapolation to 38-hour working hours per week were calculated automatically

The concept as well as the requested positions were developed together with HR managers and salary experts from the industry.
The position catalog with 160 positions is therefore tailored to the mechanical engineering sector and represents a typical value chain. You can download it here if you are interested:

Don't talk about salary? We do. - - VDMA

Changes in an increasingly digitalized world and the shortage of well-qualified specialists and managers pose enormous challenges for the HR department in companies.  There is often a lack of benchmarks for important issues relating to salary determination and remuneration systems. By compiling this remuneration comparison, a certain degree of market transparency is created, which can provide reliable information for a market-oriented remuneration policy in companies.

The content of the salary survey is an examination of the remuneration and other benefits of certain positions at the participating companies. In the run-up to the survey, a workshop was held with VDMA member companies to define a catalog of positions and rules of the game, which were used to classify and compare the remuneration of employees in Germany according to different position groups.
A total of 122 positions describe the commercial and technical functional areas (based on the value chain) in the company. In addition to employee remuneration, the wages of industrial workers were also determined and compared.

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