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PRIMEMOVERS: Current areas of research into engines and turbines.

English Edition of: MOTORENMENSCHEN: Schwerpunkte aktueller Forschung an Motoren und Turbinen.

Authors: Johannes Winterhagen and Dr. Laurin Paschek.

Publisher: Research Association for Combustion Engines (FVV) eV. Frankfurt/Main

VDMA-Verlag, 2016 
200 pages
ISBN 978-3-8163-0692-4

The new book “PRIMEMOVERS – Current areas of research into engines and turbines” allows an insight into the work of engineers, who conduct research on clean engines and turbomachinery, in a way that makes science accessible also to the non-expert. The Forschungsvereinigung Verbrennungskraft-maschinen (FVV, Research Association for Combustion Engines), publishes this book, written by the renowned technology journalists Laurin Paschek and Johannes Winterhagen, on the occasion of its 60th anniversary.

Will it be possible to design internal combustion engines that consume less fuel and emit zero emissions? What role will gas turbines play in the long-term structural change in energy systems? And what are engineers doing today to make it all happen? PRIMEMOVERS will answer such questions by adopting an unusual perspective: The authors do not describe model research projects and technological trends, they present portraits of the people behind the technology. People who are passionately pursuing their ideas for greater efficiency and fewer emissions.

In 24 portraits top managers from the industry and independent experts show the broad range of challenges on the way to clean engines and turbomachinery. Experienced university teachers come just to speak as a young scientific assistant. The perspective on the prime movers behind advanced combustion engine technologies is not purely objective, it also describes the individual personality of the engineer, his/her motivation and private interests. The text is accompanied by superb images taken by the renowned photographer Rui Camilo.
The portraits are embedded into two in-detail interviews on future scenarios for the evolution of the combustion engine, such as individual mobility needs or the application of innovative materials and fuels, and popular science articles to give an overview on current areas of research into internal combustion engines and turbomachinery.

PRIMEMOVERS has been published to mark the 60th anniversary of the FVV, which has initiated more than 1,000 research projects since it was founded.


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