Bearing World Journal - Volume 1 - December 2016

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Bearing World Journal - Volume 1 - December 2016

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Bearing World Journal - Volume 1 - December 2016
Proceedings of the 1st Bearing World Conference 12-13 April 2016, Hanover/Germany

FVA 2016, 138 pages
PDF, 80,- € + VAT
ISBN 978-3-8163-0705-1


Noise elimination for vibration-based rolling bearing fault diagnosis
Merdane H., ORS Bearings Inc. (TR)

CFD-based analysis of thermal shear localization in EHL films
Feldermann A., RWTH Aachen University (DE)

An experimental approach on slip behaviour of tapered roller bearings
Fingerle T., ZF Industrieantriebe Witten GmbH (DE)

Increase of the damage tolerance of bearing steels by alloy optimization
Clausen B., Foundation Institute of Materials Science (DE)

On boundary layers and pressure spikes, a tribute to J.-M. Georges
Biboulet N., Université de Lyon (FR)

Dynamics simulation of rolling element bearings considering elastohydrodynamic cage contacts
Seiler K., University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (DE)

Enhanced boundary zone rolling contact fatigue strength through hybrid machining by hard turn-rolling
Denkena B., Leibniz University Hanover (DE)

Bearing life and efficiency – evaluation of the influence of preload with tools from the FVA Workbench
Leonhardt C., Technical University of Munich (DE)

Development and certification of rotor main bearings for multi MW wind turbine generators
Lüneburg B., ThyssenKrupp Rothe Erde GmbH (DE)

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