Doc. 54 -TESTING OF HYGIENIC WELD JOINTS - english version

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  • Doc. 54 -TESTING OF HYGIENIC WELD JOINTS - english version | EN-English



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    Doc. 54 -TESTING OF HYGIENIC WELD JOINTS - english version | EN-English

    First Edition - May 2020
    EHEDG 2020
    Seiten /pages: 26


    This guideline serves to check and ensure hygienically faultless welds on food-industry pipelines and components in direct or indirect contact with product at the time of manufacturing the installation. It gives an overview about all relevant inspection techniques applicable in hygienic environments and their technical limitations.


    1 Scope
    2 Normative references
    3 General considerations
    4 Special considerations
    5 Inspection methods
    5.1 Application and limits of the inspection methods
    5.1.1 Visual testing
    5.1.2 Radiographic testing (RT)
    5.1.3 Penetrant testing (PT)
    5.1.4 Hydrostatic and Leak testing (LT)
    5.1.5 Welding test samples
    5.1.6 Ultrasonic testing
    5.1.7 Roughness measurements
    5.1.8 Eddy current testing
    5.1.9 Surface replication method
    5.2 Assessment and limits of the inspection methods
    5.2.1 Microbiological aspects
    5.2.2 Mechanical-technological aspects
    5.2.3 Practicability and feasibility
    5.2.4 Costs and expenses
    5.2.5 Ways of documenting the test methods
    5.3 Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for weld seam inspections
    5.3.1 Coordination between customer and client
    5.3.2 Incoming material inspection and documentation
    5.3.3 Viewing conditions
    5.3.4 Specification of the time of testing
    5.3.5 Qualification of personnel
    5.3.6 Documentation
    5.3.7 Inspection of measuring and testing equipment
    5.3.8 Test standards
    5.3.9 Fault evaluation and fault rectification - coordination of the actions
    6 References
    7 Key Learning Points

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