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One VISION Machine vision systems are multitalents. They guide machines, control processes, identify components. They check dimensional accuracy in the micrometer range and control the quality of every single component - at maximum speed and integrated in the production process. Come and obtain information about the complete range of this unique technology at the world's leading trade fair for machine vision. International Trade Fair for Machine Vision 6 - 8 November 2012 I 24 - 26 September 2013 I Messe Stuttgart www.vision-fair.de

Machine Vision Key Technology for Automation Solutions Machine Vision 2013/14 Applications - Products - Suppliers

ConTenTS Contents Contents 03 The future of industrial production 04 Machine vision: a key technology 06 From product quality to quality of life 08 Return on investment 10 Efficient and user-friendly 12 Blue Competence - Engineering a better world 14 The right solution for every job 16 The fast way to machine vision: Benefit from the expertise of our member companies 17 Our mobile application: Always up to date 17 Application reports: Database shows the best solutions from all sectors 18 25 years of VISION - a success story 19 Standards for machine vision 21 Interfaces at a glance 22 What does it mean...? 26 Company profiles 81 Index of members 88 Imprint

MAChine ViSion The future of industrial production The factory of the future will be designed to yield maximum benefit from the lowest possible consumption of material and energy. avoid expensive product recalls, product liability claims and image loss. Companies that are quick to launch new products or new variations on a product will be ahead of the game. Machine vision systems stay up to speed because they can be adjusted to new objects and checking tasks very easily. They are becoming more and more ergonomic and i ntuitive to operate. This means that production systems remain flexible and adaptive - not least in terms of quality control. industry 4.0 In manufacturing we are witnessing a paradigm shift which increasingly links the real-life factory with virtual reality. Embedded systems, seamless digital networks, an increasingly decentralised control of production, the virtual planning of products and production as well as remote m aintenance, these are the building blocks of the factory of the future. In it, work pieces will tell the robot how to process them. By doing so, p roducts will organise their own production. It will be normal to have the strictest quality specifications in place. Demands placed on p roduction flexibility will continue to increase as products become ever more individualised and model changeovers occur more frequently. On top of this, global competition will become more fierce: only those production facilities that are among the leaders in terms of productivity and costs will be able to survive. This transformation requires a pace of innovation more rapid than ever before. Machine vision will play a key role in this because it offers solutions suited to meet the challenges of the future. Quality, reliability, speed Current standard practice in the pharmaceutical industry and in areas such as automobile safety components will become a prerequisite for industrial production as a whole in the future: 100% quality control rather than random checks - in other words, each and every stage of production will be subject to comprehensive documentation and traceability. This is an economically feasible prospect thanks to machine vision systems that undertake infallible quality checks along the p roduction cycle. These systems also serve to video link

MAChine ViSion Machine vision: a key technology Random samples are a thing of the past: machine vision enables 100% quality control. Machine vision systems are all-rounders. They check quality, guide machines, control processes, identify components, read codes and supply valuable data for use in optimising production. A full examination The use of machine vision to check for completeness is especially prevalent in assembly lines. Black-and-white or colour cameras perform checks either during the production process or at the end to see whether all the components have been assembled and positioned correctly. The surface inspection can be carried out at the same time. In the case of car bumpers, for example, the checking criteria include the correct assembly of headlights, indicators and the required surface finish. In the electronics industry, circuit boards are checked to ensure that strip conductors and soldered contacts are in order and all components are present. In the manufacture of safetycritical products such as airbags, machine vision systems ensure that all the component parts have been properly assembled. Producing quality - non-stop Customers demand flawless goods of the highest quality. Random checks cannot guarantee to deliver on this. Machine vision systems conduct a 100 % quality check of individual components and the surfaces of continuous materials - r eliably and cost-effectively. Large quantities and high conveyor speeds are no problem. When examining continuous materials (web inspection), machine vision systems keep pace with the highest speeds, detecting the smallest of flaws. In checking omponent parts, several different c views of a component can be generated to check for surface defects, dimensional accuracy, completeness and other characteristics. Measuring with light Using machine vision for non-contact measurement of components provides a significant advantage: the measuring can be done extremely quickly during the production cycle itself. Instead

MAChine ViSion of removing random sample components and inserting them into measuring machines, the machine vision system works "in-line", reliably measuring each individual component without reducing the speed of production. Where p recision measurement using machine vision is concerned, the size of the components tested is not significant. Vision systems check the d imensional accuracy of electronic modules at micrometer scale and perform gap measurements of entire car bodies. In this context, 3D techniques such as light sectioning or stereometric methods have increasingly become established, measuring welded seams, formed sheet metal components and even irregularly shaped salami. An eye for the robot Machine vision systems enhance a robot's e fficiency, as it is now able to see and respond flexibly to its environment. A robot is now c apable of unloading components delivered unsorted in boxes (bin picking) - machine vision algorithms calculate the correct grip points. If d ifferent car models are being assembled on a single production line, the robot identifies each given situation and positions the welding points in the correct place every time. If a robot is applying adhesive beading, the machine vision system ensures that there are no gaps in it. Windows and doors are mounted onto the car body by the robot in the best-fit position, despite the i nevitable component tolerances. The sighted robot becomes a co-worker: it is increasingly able to work side-by-side with humans in a shared work space, even without a protective fence, as it safely avoids any collision. Smooth material flow By identifying objects accurately, machine vision enables the automation of material flows and logistics. Machine vision systems identify the product, record information and pass it on. They ensure that the right component is added in the correct position and is processed properly. For object recognition, components are identified by comparing them with prior reference models or samples. Machine vision made easy: intelligent cameras and vision sensors offer c ompact standard solutions.

MAChine ViSion From product quality to quality of life in industrial production, machine vision displays the qualities of a genuine all-rounder. What is more, it has proven itself in many other fields of application beyond the factory. improved quality, greater reliability, increased safety and costeffectiveness are benefits that are just as crucial in non-manufacturing contexts as in the realm of industrial production. Creative developers have long since identified this potential and are putting it to work in new applications which increase our everyday quality of life. Safety, health, environmental protection and efficiency top the list of benefits. Not surprisingly, machine vision is found more and more often in our daily life as it can be easily embedded in devices. The camera of a smartphone, for example, cannot only take photos, but can also scan business cards and save the extracted information into the smartphone's list of contacts. Embedded vision turns the mobile phone into a scanner that recognises products and provides additional information about them. Even sights and landmarks can be recognised and words in photos can be automatically translated into the suitable language. Whether on motorways, in the retail trade, in medical practices or on sports grounds - the v ersatility of machine vision technology knows no limits. Machine Vision delivers a perfect analysis of the football match.

MAChine ViSion This innovative flight simulator also uses machine vision technology. Machine vision - a multi-talented player In addition to its classical fields of application in manufacturing, machine vision is being put to use in practically every area of life. Here are a few examples: o Reconstruction of destroyed documents o Automatic forest fire recognition from outer space (satellite-based) o Practising the perfect swing in golf using the "machine vision trainer" o Warning drivers if they drift out of their lane or if there are obstacles on the road o Spotting a faked painting and learning to understand the painting techniques of the old masters o Optimisation of traffic flows o Taking a photograph of a menu using a mobile phone and having it translated automatically o Checking moles reliably in doctors' surgeries o Identification of a perpetrator via automated comparison of shoe prints at the crime scene with shoe print databases o Improved waste separation for more economic recycling o Market research: ascertaining the amount of time customers spend in front of a shelf o Interactive product presentations in shops o 3D measurement of the face to find the best choice of spectacles at the optician's o 3D analysis of aerial views of a community in order to automatically compute which surfaces are best suited to take solar panels

MAChine ViSion Return on investment Machine vision systems identify defective c omponents at the earliest possible stage of p roduction. These are immediately removed from the production process and are not processed any further, thereby preventing material wastage and lowering costs. Often, the isolated component can be fed back into the production process. In any event, defective modules or products are p revented from reaching subsequent stages of production and thus from generating unnecessary costs as a result. Such costs are also avoided when machine vision systems are used cost-effectively to enable a 100 % inspection: customer complaints are avoided, as are product recalls, both of which would be very costly, not only in monetary terms but also in terms of longer-term harm to the brand image. Machine vision systems not only identify defects - they also avoid them. The electronic eyes of machine vision constantly monitor complex p rocesses at all critical stages, identify changes in measured values and signal the need for countermeasures in good time so that manufacturing errors are ruled out. Control over complex p roduction processes is increased, while the risk of costly down times is reduced. In assessing the cost-effectiveness of any investment, a cost-benefit analysis should be conducted covering its entire life cycle. When this is done, machine vision systems demonstrate the full extent of their cost savings potential. M inimal down times, stable processes and increased efficiency in the use of resources all pay off. Machine vision systems have often paid for themselves after only a few months. In investment decisions, machine vision systems demonstrate the full extent of their cost savings potential.

MAChine ViSion Safe and energy-efficient cars can only be produced using machine vision technology. is machine vision the technology you need? o is your production output subject to a high reject rate because your product is not checked until the end? o Are the checking tasks too complex for the human eye or too monotonous for the human brain? o Do you manufacture safety-critical components and cannot afford errors occurring? o Do miniaturised products pose new manufacturing challenges? o Do you have very fast running production processes? o Does your customer demand 100 % quality - including documentation? o Do you have to guarantee the traceability of your products? Then machine vision is the technology you need!

MAChine ViSion Light stripes are projected onto the object and the resulting distortions are used to extract 3D information. efficient and user-friendly Machine vision is developing rapidly, creating ever greater benefits for users. Standardised interfaces facilitate the integration of individual machine vision components into an overall workable system. This reduces the amount of effort required and makes the machine vision solution efficient and inexpensive. Standardisation The third dimension With machine vision becoming three-dimensional, many tasks can be accomplished in a c ost-effective way - from the precise inspection of adhesive beading or welded seams and automated gripping of unsorted items in boxes through to non-contact precision measuring of formed sheet metal parts in the production cycle. Performance The efficiency of machine vision systems is r apidly increasing, thanks to higher-definition cameras, steadily increasing processor p erformance as well as multi-core processor technology, state-of-the-art software and standardised interfaces. Ever more rapid inspection speeds and accuracies are thus achieved at c omparable costs.

MAChine ViSion Colour In many applications, colour recognition is of great advantage. For example, different models or components can be identified or sorted, and quality checks can be conducted on the basis of colour. Colour recognition has now become a standard routine for which numerous machine vision solutions are available. highly integrated and embedded Complete systems can be housed in ever smaller casings. Such smart cameras and vision sensors can be integrated in places where little space is available. This "embedded machine vision" is p articularly advantageous in highly complex installations. User-friendliness Whereas in the past experts were needed to implement machine vision solutions, today many adaptations can be carried out without any great prior knowledge, thanks to intuitive configuration options and ergonomic software user interfaces. Machine vision means safety in pharmaceutical production.

Engineering a better world Many people talk about sustainability. We develop solutions. Machine vision increases the efficiency of this solar thermal plant Efficiency for the future The world's population is growing rapidly and more and more people want to have their share in a higher standard of living. A scenario of increasing consumption and limited resources requires technologies that can make more out of less. What is at stake is nothing less than the future of our planet. Green production It is not only when they are being used that products consume energy. Also in the manufacturing phase of each product energy is consumed. Thus manufacturing often accounts for a significant share in the total energy used during the entire life cycle of the product. Machine vision systems increase the efficiency of production plants, reduce material inputs, prevent rejects arising and contribute to a higher level of energy efficiency.

There is considerable untapped potential for optimisation here and this needs to be fully exploited. Helping technologies win through What is the use of revolutionary technologies that generate energy and conserve resources if they only work in the lab and cannot be produced cost-effectively and in large quantities? Machine vision offers solutions which help green technologies win through by dramatically lowering production costs. Only competitive technologies will prevail. Energy efficiency Energy sources Resources Emissions Future mobility Engineering a better world: the BLUecoMPETENCE initiative VDMA Machine Vision has joined the BLUecoMPETENCE initiative in order to emphasise the role of machine vision in delivering solutions for Waste turned into a new resource: machine vision is a key to recycling An inspiring topic: The BLUecoMPETENCE special exhibition at AUTOMATICA 2012 was ranked top by the visitors. Recycling management Life cycle costs Quality of life Engineering companies developing solutions for sustainability are welcome to join the BLUecoMPETENCE initative as an Alliance Member. increased sustainability. It actively promotes sustainable products and production processes and seeks to reconcile economic, ecological and social goals in the following areas: www.bluecompetence.net video link This simulator allows risk-free training of eye surgery

MAChine ViSion The right solution for every job This guide showcases the expertise of the machine vision industry. it presents the range of goods and services on offer from more than 100 machine vision suppliers who, with their state-of-the-art products and solutions, help to secure their customers' competitive advantage in every industrial sector throughout the world. external system integrators - makes it increasingly easy to combine individual components. Standard systems and turnkey solutions Current smart cameras or vision sensors offer inexpensive standard solutions "off the peg" for a variety of tasks. These solutions can be easily adapted for one's own needs, with all the components contained in a compact housing. Furthermore, suppliers of turnkey systems, with their high level of sector- and application-specific expertise, also offer made-to-measure solutions for more sophisticated tasks requiring top-quality performance. These system integrators are also able to integrate machine vision solutions into the roduction process. p Versatile components for easy integration Whether it be cameras, optics, software, lighting or frame grabbers - by making use of versatile components, solutions can quickly be developed to tackle a wide range of tasks. The progressive standardisation of interfaces - whether adopted by a company's own production engineers or by Machine vision: your pathway towards a solution Do you have in-house machine vision expertise? Select a system integrator and benefit from their practical expertise. no no Would you like the machine vision c omponents to be integrated in-house? Are vision sensors or smart cameras a good option? yes Select components suppliers and build your own solution. Select a supplier of vision sensors and smart cameras.

MAChine ViSion System integrators, with their high level of sector- and applicationspecific know-how, offer made-to-measure solutions. Making use of versatile components, solutions can quickly be developed to tackle a wide range of tasks. Diverse systems Some machine vision systems are so compact you can hold them in the palm of your hand. others could fill a whole room. o Application-specific vision systems are turnkey systems for a specific application such as the inspection of flat glass or wafers. They are u sually PC-based and high-performance. o Configurable vision systems are usually P C-based as well. Unlike application-specific systems they are more versatile in their use. End users can often implement a range of applications via a graphical user interface. o Smart cameras (intelligent cameras) are c omplete vision systems that include software for image analysis, all contained within the compact housing of the camera itself. They can be programmed flexibly to carry out different types of tasks. o Vision sensors are also a complete vision s ystem within a single compact housing. In contrast to smart cameras, they are made for one specific type of application, e. g. code reading.

MAChine ViSion The fast way to machine vision: Benefit from the expertise of our member companies The new VDMA Sourcing Service www.vdma.com/visionfinder helps you identify the right partner for your machine vision application - no matter whether you need components, complete systems or services. Choose between three comfortable search s trategies: o Search by type of product (systems, components, services) o Search by type of application (e.g. surface inspection, robot vision, identification) o Search by type of customer industry Another benefit: Write an e-mail enquiry in a matter of seconds and send it straight to the selected suppliers. Products Applications Products Applications Suppliers Suppliers www.vdma.com/visionfinder

MAChine ViSion our mobile application: Always up to date now in our mobile website (iPhone/Android): the QR code below leads you directly to the homepage of VDMA Robotics + Automation. Click then on the Button "Machine Vision". here you will find an up-to-date list of our member companies and additional information about machine vision. Application reports: Database shows the best solutions from all sectors Study the finest examples of machine vision in action - whether it be for surface inspection, three-dimensional measurement or robot guidance. our database at www.vdma.com/vision-at-work offers a user-friendly free text search. Upon entering a search term, all relevant application reports are displayed in a short list. With one extra click, the reports can be downloaded, opened, printed or saved. www.vdma.com/vision-at-work

MAChine ViSion 25 years of ViSion - a success story Parallel to the fair, VDMA Machine Vision organises the Industrial VISION Days, the major international presentation forum of machine vision. 25 years of ViSion - a remarkable anniversary for the world's leading machine vision fair as well as the entire machine vision industry. A quarter of a century in which both the event and the sector have undergone an exciting and extremely successful development. VISION will move to Hall 1, the gem of the Stuttgart fair grounds and with its 21,000m² by far the largest exhibition hall. There is every indication that the VISION will set new records in terms of exhibitors and visitors. VISION offers its trade visitors the most comprehensive range of innovative machine vision technologies and an extensive accompanying programme. Parallel to the fair, VDMA Machine Vision organises the Industrial VISION Days, the major international presentation forum of machine vision. Numerous special shows covering essential topics such as machine vision standards, thematic exhibition highlights and user seminars provide a wealth of information for the visitor. VDMA Machine Vision would like to congratulate VISION on its anniversary and will support the future successful development of this world leading trade event as its conceptual sponsor. We look forward to seeing you at the VISION! When VISION was brought into existence in 1988 hardly anybody would have expected such a success story, since at that point the industry itself was still in its infancy. But in the mid-90s already the sector forged ahead, asserting itself as the indispensible key technology for more and more industries. Today exibitors with thrilling innovations for "non-industrial" applications are rounding off the offer of the VISION, providing an idea of the wide scope of many new applications to come. Meanwhile VISION has become the major machine vision event and the international meeting place for around 350 exhibitors and more than 7,000 trade visitors. For its anniversary, video link www.vision-fair.de

MAChine ViSion Standards for machine vision Standards facilitate use of machine vision and integration of individual components into a complete system with optimum functionality. They cut down on development time and investment costs and also accelerate time-to-market. But the number of standards is growing steadily. To keep track we have compiled an overview of the most important ones here. interfaces Camera Link® Camera Link® is a robust communications link between digital cameras and digital frame g rabbers using a dedicated cable connection and simple standardised communications protocol. PoCL® allows transmission of camera power over the data cable eliminating the need for multiple cables to the camera. o high bandwidth, well established (since 2000) worldwide, widely used www.visiononline.org/cameralink FireWire/ieee 1394b/DCAM FireWire is what the Apple company brandnamed a bus system for serial data transmission, standardised under IEEE 1394. Digital FireWire cameras can be connected directly to the PC without s pecial frame grabbers provided the PC is equipped with an interface. To fulfill the requirements of machine vision, the DCAM standard ("1394-based Digital Camera Specification") was specially designed for the IEEE 1394 bus. It pecifies the transmission of uncompressed s image data. o very common standard originating from c onsumer electronics, faster than USB 2.0, direct connection without frame grabber p ossible http://standards.ieee.org/develop/wg/1394_WG.html Camera Link hS(TM) Camera Link HS provides very fast, reliable data transfer with either copper or fibre-optic cables. It has excellent bandwidth scalability adapting to the application at hand. o very high bandwidth, good scalability, very r eliable data transfer, extremely high cable lengths possible www.visiononline.org/cameralinkhS GeniCam GenICam is a pure software standard and is c ompatible with different interfaces, such as GigE Vision®, CoaXPress, Camera Link®, Camera Link HS(TM) and USB3 Vision(TM). It provides a generic programming interface for all types of cameras which is of great benefit to developers who want to easily use and interchange a range of cameras and devices, regardless of interface and/or protocol technologies. o ideal for use in combination with different d igital interfaces, easy interchangeability of devices from different manufacturers if G enICam compatible www.genicam.org CoaXPress CoaXPress combines the simplicity of a coaxial cable (75 ?) with state of the art technology for very fast transmission of serial data between cameras and digital frame grabbers. It is possible to implement speeds of up to 6.25 Gbps per cable, plus camera control and power in the same cable. o high bandwidth, good scalability, low cost cables with lengths of around 100m, plug and play operation www.coaxpress.com

MAChine ViSion Further standards Gige Vision® The GigE Vision® standard was developed to take advantage of the widely used Gigabit Ethernet communication protocol (1 Gb as well as 10 Gb) for machine vision. GigE Vision enables fast transmission of images using low cost standard cables (Cat 5/6 network cables) over very long distances. With GigE Vision®, hardware and software from different vendors can interoperate seamlessly over scalable Ethernet connections. o fast data transmission via low cost standard cables over very long distances, widely used www.visiononline.org/GigeVision eMVA 1288 Standard EMVA 1288 allows for better comparability of the performance of cameras and image capture sensors by providing a more objective specification. It characterises image sensing equipment based on physical parameters, defines measurement procedures and data presentation guidelines. www.standard1288.org Lens Mount Standard As more and more high resolution applications are required in machine vision, the Lens Mount Standard defines the necessary interface between high resolution machine vision cameras and high resolution lenses - so that the required resolution can be reached in practice. www.jiia.org/index_e.html USB 2.0 This interface is very common in the PC world and also widely used in machine vision. Digital USB cameras can be connected with the system directly without using frame grabbers. o very common, low cost standard, direct connection without frame grabber possible www.usb.org Lighting Standard This standard defines and explains the basic concepts in designing lighting systems for machine vision. It provides specifications on brightness and forms of optical radiation and explains the fundamental steps in optimizing lighting. www.jiia.org/index_e.html USB3 Vision(TM) USB3 Vision is designed specifically for the vision industry and uses USB 3.0 ports that come as standard on newer PCs. It offers high bandwidth, power and data over the same cable in an easyto-use protocol. o very new standard, fast, low cost, easy-to-use plug and play interoperability www.visiononline.org/USB3Vision

MAChine ViSion interfaces at a glance* interface Camera Link Camera Link hS CoaXPress FireWire/ ieee 1394b/ DCAM Gige Vision USB 2.0 USB3 Vision Frame grabber Achievable bandwidth** (in Megabytes/second) Scalabiltiy using parallel lanes Maximum cable length*** Cable Multi-camera capability Power supply via data cable Vendor independence (hW/SW) Use of GeniCam Real-time trigger hot pluggable System costs**** ease-of-use Available since necessary 250 MB/s (base) 850 MB/s (deca) yes necessary 2,100 MB/s per cable (copper) 1,200 MB/s per cable (fibre-optic) yes necessary 600 MB/s (single coax) 2,400 MB/s (quad coax) not necessary1 64 MB/s not necessary1 100 MB/s (GigE) 1,000 MB/s (10GigE) not necessary 40 MB/s not necessary 350 MB/s yes max. 2 lanes no 10 m dedicated cable yes yes (PoCL) 15 m (copper) 300 - 10,000 m (fibre-optic) standard cable (also fibre-optic) yes no 100 m 75? Coax 4,5 m (stan- dard spec.) 10 m (achievable) Standard cable 100 m (copper) 40,000 m (fibre-optic) Standard cable 5 m 5 m passive 10 m active Standard cable Standard cable yes yes yes yes yes yes (PoE) yes yes yes yes to a certain extent yes excellent no high complex 2000 yes yes yes yes yes yes excellent yes high medium 2012 yes excellent yes high medium 2010 no (GenTL possible) good yes low simple 1996 yes good yes low medium 2006 no (GenTL possible) good yes low simple 2000 yes good yes low simple end of 2012 ****This overview contains indicative values. in each case and according to the specific implementation, these values may differ. **** andwiths refer to typically achievable values in real applications (video bandwith). B Bandwidths may be substantially increased through more sophisticated implementations (e.g. parallel lanes). **** Achievable cable lengths will vary depending on the use of repeaters, hubs, etc. **** Including camera and - if needed - frame grabber. ***1 But interface card often needed.

MAChine ViSion What does it mean ...? 360° inspection (all around inspection) When viewing an object with a camera you cannot see it completely. 360o inspection either uses several cameras or special optical modules allowing for viewing the object "all around". Ambient light Light striking the object to be inspected, resulting in unwanted effects (hall llumination, i sunlight). Area of interest Section of the camera image specially selected to process only relevant information and to reduce processing time. Also called region of interest. Area scan camera (matrix camera) In this version, the light-sensitive pixels are arranged in a matrix (two dimensional). Blob analysis Blobs (binary large objects) are groups of adjacent or cohering pixels showing the same or similar grey values. The analysis of blobs is suited for counting and finding objects as well as detecting their position or orientation. CCD sensor Image sensor based on the charge-coupled device principle. Allows high resolutions, excellent image quality and is a sophisticated and proven technology for long- and s hort-time exposures. CMoS sensor Image sensor in complementary metal-oxide semiconductor technology. Originally used in low cost cameras with lower resolution they were further developed to become more powerful so that now they are catching up with CCD technology. pecial feature: S Small areas to be defined (see 'area of interest') in the image sensor can be read out at an extremely high frame rate. Cycle time Number of parts to be processed per time unit. The cycle time determines the required performance of the machine vision system. Defect classification Classification technique which categorizes existing faults in size groups, thus defining quality grades. embedded vision Due to the progress made in miniaturisation image processing functionality can be embedded more and more easily into different applications and devices, e.g. in computer games, robot arms, mobile phones or driver assistance systems, bringing machine vision into various areas of our daily life. False alarm rate Shows the number of inspection results marked as "not ok" by the machine vision system although they are faultless. FPGA (Field programmable grid array) These highly miniaturised circuits can achieve high computational speeds by means of parallelisation and play an important role in machine vision for complex computing applications with real-time requirements.

MAChine ViSion Frame grabber PC plug-in card that interfaces a computer with the camera. In case of analogue cameras the frame grabber converts analogue image formats into digital ones so that these can be processed through image processing algorithms. At present digital frame grabbers are increasingly used in combination with digital cameras in order to achieve high processing speeds and high resolutions. Frame rate Maximum number of images that can be taken by a camera and transmitted via the interface of the machine vision system in a given time. Grey scale dynamics The higher the grey scale dynamics of a camera, the better it can distinguish ifferences d in brightness. In camera technology the lower limit of the dynamic range is marked by noise and the upper limit by the saturation of the camera chip. image pre-processing First processing steps can already be performed directly in the image sensor (camera chip). The resulting information reduction facilitates and accelerates subsequent processing through image processing algorithms. infrared camera Cameras which are sensitive to infrared light and, for instance, present scenes as thermal images. in-line metrology Measuring directly integrated into the production process so that work pieces do not have to be taken out of the production line (manually) in order to be measured by a eparate measuring device. s Laser triangulation In this 3D technique a light spot is projected onto the object and a camera records this spot from various angles. Depending on the shape of the object the light spot will be shifted laterally. By means of trigonomic calculations based on distances and angles between the camera and the lighting, 3D information can be extracted. Light sectioning 3D technique in which a light stripe is projected onto the object. When the camera records this light stipe from a different viewpoint the line will be "distorted" by the uneven surface of the object. This distortion is then used to calculate the 3D data of the object. Line scan camera Here the light-sensitive pixels are arranged in a line (one-dimensional). In machine vision systems the lines are typically pieced together to form a two-dimensional image. Thus continuous materials can be inspected seamlessly ("web inspection"). Machine vision card (image capture board) Special plug-in card for computer systems, in particular PCs, enabling interfacing of a camera directly to the computer system and providing effective execution of image p rocessing algorithms without overloading the main processor of the system. Mulitspectral imaging Here image sensors which are sensitive in different wavelength ranges take several images of the same scene. The multispectral images thus obtained provide greater depth of information.

MAChine ViSion network capability Factory automation is frequently based on bus systems. Network capability in this context means that machine vision systems can be integrated into such network structures. Near infrared has a wavelength of about 0.7 to 3 micro metres. This non-visible light even allows to take images of the inside of objects, e.g. to check the fill level of lastic bottles. p Parallel processing Method to increase the processing speed of machine vision systems. Especially i nteresting are multi-core processors which split up the inspection task among several processor cores working in parallel. However, the applied machine vision software must support parallel processing so that the advantages of the multi-core technology can be fully exploited. Pixel Word made up of "picture" and "element", representing an element or a point of the image. Progressive scan Compared with out-of-date technology which transmits two half-images in succession, progressive scan uses all lines in sequence. The frame grabber does not have to piece together two half-images. Progressive scan is well suited for recording fast rocesses and p today is the recording standard for many industrial cameras. Real-time image processing Image processing that keeps up with the cycle time of the machine. Reference image Frequently the description of errors is difficult, especially in case of non-dimensional inspection. Here, typically a reference image showing the faultless state is used to compare with the image taken. Robot vision The combination of robot and machine vision system provides the robot with the ability to see and to respond flexibly to its surroundings or to position the camera of the machine vision system in different places to carry out quality inspection in these different places with one only one camera. Scalability of machine vision components Option to adjust the performance of the machine vision system to the requirements of the current task. Smart camera (intelligent camera) This camera already includes embedded computing capability (e.g. a microprocessor, DSP or FPGA), thus constituting a complete machine vision system since the output signal is not an image but an inspection result. Intelligent cameras are usually very compact and, can be used for various applications. The specific application can be parameterised by the end user, e.g. by means of a graphic user interface. Statistical evaluation/statistical process control When processing images, large amounts of data are produced that are a valuable basis for improving the production process. For this purpose the collected data are evaluated statistically.

MAChine ViSion Stereo vision Classic technique to evaluate three-dimensional images, the way the human eye works. Two cameras are required. Structured lighting Here a pre-defined light pattern is projected onto the inspected object (e.g. lines or grid). Distortion of the light pattern allows conclusions to be drawn during image processing, for example to obtain spatial information. Telecentric lens This lens is designed to keep the size of the image constant even when the distance between the recorded object and the lens changes (as the rays run parallel). This comes in handy when machine vision is used for contact-free and precise measuring tasks. Throughput rate Maximum number of products passing an inspection system in a given time. Time-of-Flight (ToF) By measuring the time of flight of the light, distance values between the individual image points and the object can be established at pixel level, generating 3D information directly and in real-time (in addition, the grey values are recorded at the same time). The most requent ToF technology is known as PMD (photonic mixer device). f Trigger A trigger is used in order to initiate the inspection routine of machine vision systems at the right time. UV (Ultraviolet light) Light range with shorter wave lengths than visible light. Some machine vision a pplications use UV, e.g. to produce fluorescence. Vision sensor As in the case of smart cameras the vision sensor also offers embedded computing c apability and is a highly miniaturised compact machine vision system. Compared with smart cameras vision sensors are turnkey systems geared at specific applications such as code reading or colour inspection and tend to include the lens and light pre integrated. Voxel Word made up of "volume" and "pixel". Voxel means three-dimensional pixel. Compiled with the support of Vision Academy.

AiT GoehneR Adequate vision and iD solutions that face every challenge in logistics and manufacturing Since 1989, AiT Goehner has been developing, marketing and integrating vision systems and iD systems for the most varied sectors of industry. Whether vision sensors or reader systems, cameras for image recognition or RFiD - AiT Goehner has components and complete systems to offer for any inspection and identification task. a vailable for special solutions. With more than 10,000 systems installed and in reliable operation, AIT is one of the most successful suppliers in the sector. AIT has the widest range of systems of the most varied types at its disposal, and thus has a suitable solution available for any production or logistics requirement. AIT products are the perfect complement to l ogistic, assembly, robot and handling systems. The smart systems fulfill the highest demands on reliable inspection and identification systems. From planning through implementation to a pplication support, our customers benefit from our comprehensive knowledge and our years of experience. Competent engineering is also Planning implementation Service Standard systems Special solutions

AiT GoehneR AiT Goehner Gmbh offers components and systems that can be used in the entire logistic and manufacturing process in almost any sector to improve quality, lower costs, permit automation, and to uphold or even enhance the image of a company. high-end products and wide competence guarantee top performance High capability, ease of operation, variety and excellent performance are the benefits of AIT's systems. Simple parameterisation allows the systems to be integrated quickly in your plant. For all these systems, AIT offers competent s ervices and perfectly harmonised hardware and software - e.g. advice and support for the i ntroduction and optimisation of track & trace solutions, delivery and installation of systems for in-line and off-line applications, as well as software for automatic documentation and a nalysis of quality data. Especially in areas in which quality assurance and absolute tracking capability are important criteria, the transparency that ID technology c reates ensures continuous optimisation of m anufacturing and logistic processes, adherence to legal regulations and standards. Reliable, stable reading of one-dimensional and two-dimensional codes, and the reading- out and writing of RFID tags provide an i mportant basis for this. AiT Goehner Gmbh o Wilhelmsplatz 11 o 70182 Stuttgart o Germany Phone +49 711 23853-0 o e-Mail info@AiT.de internet www.AiT.de

ALLieD ViSion TeChnoLoGieS Seeing is believing

ALLieD ViSion TeChnoLoGieS Founded 1989, Allied Vision Technologies (AVT) is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-performance digital cameras for industrial and scientific image processing. AVT cameras are used in a wide range of applications such as quality inspection, traffic monitoring, medical imaging, surveillance and multimedia entertainment. the ISO 13485 quality standard for medical equipment. Allied Vision Technologies serves its worldwide customers with its own sales and support locations in Europe, North America and Asia. Furthermore, the company is represented by selected distribution partners in more than 30 countries. AVT's worldwide technical support network ensures that customers enjoy best-inclass service regardless of time zone or cultural and language barriers. From traffic monitoring to medical imaging - AVT cameras in action Thanks to their versatility and wide range of smart features, digital cameras from Allied Vision Technologies are used in a large variety of applications ranging from industrial inspection to multimedia entertainment. Here some application examples: o Quality control Pharmaceutical corporation Boehringer Ingelheim switches to one-hundred-percent testing of medication capsules with digital cameras from Allied Vision Technologies. o Medical imaging Experimental 3D hand scanner used for arthritis diagnostics. o intelligent Transportation Systems (iTS) Parking automation in Dubai: How machine vision technology brings relief to Dubai commuters. o Multimedia entertainment Interactive billboard using AVT camera promotes AIDS prevention charity by inviting passers-by to join virtual pillow fight. Wide choice for unlimited possibilities AVT's camera range provides one of the widest choices in the market with various form factors, sensor technologies, resolutions and interfaces. Black-and-white, colour, visible light or infraredsensitive, high resolution or with a high frame rate: for every application there is the right AVT camera. Thanks to the AVT modular concept, a wide range of modifications are available to meet specific application requirements. For even more specific applications, AVT has developed an expertise in tailor-made camera solution development. one-stop shopping from camera development to technical support All AVT cameras are designed and manufactured at the company's own R&D and production centres in Germany (Ahrensburg, Osnabrück) and Canada (Burnaby, BC) according to the highest quality standards. AVT's quality management system is ISO 9001 certified and complies with Allied Vision Technologies Gmbh o Taschenweg 2a o 07646 Stadtroda o Germany Phone +49 36428 677-0 o e-Mail info@alliedvisiontec.com internet www.alliedvisiontec.com

ASenTiCS Providing solutions that guarantee quality - consistently, effectively and economically Asentics "VARIO" - 360° inspection and 100% quality control for elastomer sealing rings By definition, quality is the match between the expectations of a product and its properties. But in reality, it is always what the customer wants - and de facto that is achievable! Producers in all markets are facing major challenges, because in our globalised world the desire for 100% quality is continuously facing the demand of competitive prices. This balancing act is often difficult, especially if quality requirements and product properties are subject to constant change. To accomplish these tasks, ASenTiCS has created solutions that grow together with the demands and meet the highest standards of the quality checks. ASENTICS is one of the leading application- oriented image processing companies in Europe. We have been providing solutions for optical/ visual quality assurance in all fields of production for over 20 years, from small, intelligent standalone devices for simple tasks right through to universally applicable, modular and scalable image processing systems for in-line monitoring. "ROOSA", "PAULA", "SIRPA" and "MIIA", examples of our application-specific OEM modules, are increasingly gaining in importance. Every one of these names stands for the standardised and uncomplicated solution of a difficult task. At ASENTICS, inspection machines that are integrated in the production process are called "VARIO" or "COMPACT". They are flexible, modular and fully automatic, and complete our portfolio. All of this is conceived, developed and produced in parallel and under one roof by ASENTICS. This holistic approach results in customised solutions for our clients in the automobile, electronics, food, pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetics industries, as well as rubber and plastic production. holistic thinking, focussing needs and meeting expectations: this is how we solve the problems facing our customers. Always true to the motto: What is the problem? - here is the solution!

ASenTiCS As a specialist for optical surface inspection using fast 360° check and 100% quality control of rotation-symmetric parts, in particular O-rings, ASENTICS has successfully taken over the market and technology leadership in a global market. Our product portfolio ranges from semi-automatic measuring systems for random inspection of incoming goods through to fully automatic high-performance inspection machines with a direct connection to the packaging unit - a meaningful addition that meets the inspection requirements of manufacturers and processors alike, and closes a quality chain. Our employees act from local service support points in Europe, the US and Asia. This ensures fast response times and optimal service and maintenance for plants and systems. The result is maximum availability of ASENTICS technology that is working around the clock for you. ASenTiCS Gmbh & Co. KG o Birlenbacher Str. 19 - 21 o 57078 Siegen o Germany Phone +49 271 30391-0 o e-Mail info@asentics.de internet www.asentics.de

BASLeR Basler gives technology the power of sight

BASLeR our innovations Above all, we strive to make high-value cameras, that are easy to use, at the most favourable prices. Our commitment to delivering real value to our customers inspired us to create the game-changing ace camera series - the first digital industrial cameras to cost less than their analogue counterparts and provide premium image quality at an affordable price. Our recently launched racer series brings the same combination of performance and cost efficiency to line scan technology, by packing higher speed and excellent image quality into an exceptionally slim profile. The primary market for our cameras is the traditional factory shopfloor. We also see exciting developments in adjacent markets including medical, traffic, point of sale, entertainment or sports. Basler is a leading global manufacturer of digital cameras for industrial and video surveillance applications, medical devices and traffic systems. Founded in 1988, the company has some 25 years experience in vision technologies and has designed and manufactured high-quality digital cameras for more than 15 years. Basler employs around 300 people at its headquarters in Ahrensburg, Germany, as well as in international subsidiaries and offices in the U.S., Singapore, Taiwan and Korea. our promise Basler grew to be one of the world's three largest producers of digital industrial cameras by reinvesting in research, development and superior manufacturing capabilities. We lead the development of the technical standards that the entire vision industry relies on. In our manufacturing facility in Ahrensburg, we learn through on-going experience to improve our cameras' performance, such as image quality, reliability, repeatability and ease of use. Each and every camera undergoes exhaustive mechanical and optical testing before leaving our facility. That's how we ensure our cameras' superior performance and reliability. And it's how we can offer the industry's longest warranty. our products Our product portfolio offers customers the vision industry's widest selection of industrial and network cameras. Today it includes some 300 models - and it's still growing. Only Basler offers a full portfolio of line scan, area scan and network cameras. Our expertise includes multiple sensor Advances in technology will improve the quality of our lives. We give technology the power of sight. technologies and covers all important standards and promising emerging interfaces: Gigabit E thernet, FireWire, Camera Link and USB 3.0. Basler AG o An der Strusbek 60 - 62 o 22926 Ahrensburg o Germany Phone +49 4102 463-0 o e-Mail sales.europe@baslerweb.com internet www.baslerweb.com

BAUMeR Benchmarks redefined: industrial image processing with Baumer. high-performance components and automatic inspection systems Baumer is leading at international level in the development and production of sensors and encoders as well as products for automatic image processing. With more than 2,500 employees in 36 subsidiaries and 18 countries, the family-owned company is always close to the customer. By combining innovative technology and customer-oriented service, Baumer ranks among the leading manufacturers in the vision industry. In the field of industrial image processing, Baumer offers a unique range of products and technologies, from image processing components like cameras and vision sensors to complete inspection systems for quality control in batch production, in a variety of industries. With an eye for the essential: Digital industrial cameras and vision sensors Modern image processing applications face the challenge of successfully completing complex inspection tasks at top speed. Baumer industrial cameras and VeriSens® vision sensors are specially developed for demanding applications which have high performance and quality requirements. With long-time stable reliability, versatility and easy integration, they convince customers all over the world. A special Baumer strength lies in the development of customised finished products, providing a competitive edge in the market. From left to right: Headquarters Baumer Group in Switzerland; ColourBrain® system in the production of kitchens by Nobilia; ColourBrain® EDGE for the i nspection of furniture edges; two-sided inspection of IKEA components

BAUMeR Baumer CCD and CMOS cameras are the core of high-performance image processing applications. No matter whether you are looking for maximum speed, resolution or flexibility, the broad portfolio offers the right product, with all typical, standardised interfaces, for many different applications. Intuitive operation, fast and easy integration and configuration within minutes: that characterises the Baumer VeriSens® vision sensors. From automotive to the food, beverage and packaging industries, the compact all-in-one image processing systems perform complex inspection tasks in automation technology in a variety of industries. Focus on surface and edges: Automatic inspection systems ColourBrain® inspection systems guarantee process reliability and highest product quality when producing batch size one or serial mass production. For an outstanding production safety, our patented ColourBrain® system combines highly devised camera and illumination modules. We are market leader in inspection systems for the wood material industry. Our globally active service guarantees the functionality of more than 350 installations worldwide around the clock. Our systems classify every defect and monitor the product quality to alert immediately if error bursts occur during production. Every defect image is saved on a server and classified according to its source to analyse and optimise the production process. industrial Cameras & Vision Sensors: Baumer Gmbh o Friedberg, Germany Phone +49 6031 6007-0 e-Mail sales.de@baumer.com internet www.baumer.com inspection Systems: Baumer inspection Gmbh o Konstanz, Germany Phone +49 7531 9943-0 e-Mail info@baumerinspection.com internet www.baumerinspection.com

BALLUFF Balluff - image processing solutions with flair lnnovative technology with concrete cost and usage advantages is Balluff's specialty. The company, founded in 1921, is today a leading, globally active sensor specialist and provider of high-quality measuring and identification systems as well as network and connection technology for all areas of industrial automation. With specially optimised variants for the area of application, for example for part inspection for variably fed parts or for reading barcodes and data matrix codes, they cover nearly every requirement profile. They are also not only easy to operate, but also simple to integrate in applications thanks to their compact dimensions. Optional accessories, such as a special monitor for direct visualisation of sensor images and test results even without a PC, a wide spectrum of lighting elements and customised fastening material complement the extensive offering. Quick and powerful features are checked simultaneously and quickly in the scope of a 100%, automatic quality check at the end of a production chain. Balluff has over 2,200 employees worldwide and production in Europe, North and South America and Asia. Multitalented solutions for quality assurance Balluff is known for its innovative image processing solutions. The robust, network-capable vision sensors combine a multitude of functions, which up until now were only able to be realised by individual, highly specialised sensors working together. They are ideal for use when different Balluff Gmbh o Schurwaldstr. 9 o 73765 neuhausen a. d. Fildern o Germany Phone +49 7158 173-0 o e-Mail balluff@balluff.de lnternet www.balluff.de

Bi-BeR Since its initial founding in 1997, Bi-Ber has established itself as a capable and powerful partner in the solving of customer-specific problems of industrial image processing. The main business area is the development and manufacturing of image processing systems for production-accompanying quality control. A highly qualified team of engineers and software developers undertakes the system integration for oeM and end customers. Machine ViSion solutions FoR electronic and mechanical CoMPonenTS The focus here is on development, construction and commissioning of turnkey measurement and inspection systems, in particular for the automotive supplier industry, medical engineering and electronics industry. We also supply standard solutions for quality assurance in the sweets industry, for example image processing systems for empty mould check and product end control. Furthermore we provide solutions for multi-view 3D applications with PRISMAGIC®. Examples of appropriate applications are the optical control of pencil stroke ceramics or radioactive seeds in medical engineering. Equally well-proven are our systems for the integrated optical lead and mark inspection of electronic components from a camera view. Challenge us in the search for solutions to the optical measurement of PLCC, QFP, SOIC as well as your special component shapes. Partner System integrator (PSi) of Cognex Bi-Ber belongs to the partner companies which, in conjunction with the Cognex Corporation, implement machine vision applications for the most diverse industrial sectors. As PSI we have comprehensive experience with Cognex vision systems, vision software and ID systems and develop for users complete solutions integrated into the production plant. As PSI we offer our customers comprehensive options in the planning and implementation of Cognex vision and ID. Bi-Ber is a member of VDMA Robotics + Automation, Specialist Group for Industrial Image Processing, and the AG Supplier Industry BerlinBrandenburg. Bi-Ber Gmbh & Co. engineering KG o ostendstr. 25 o 12459 Berlin o Germany Phone +49 30 53041253 o e-Mail info@bilderkennung.de internet www.bilderkennung.de

BizeRBA Bizerba offers customers within the industry, retail and logistics sectors a globally unique solutions portfolio of hardware and software based around the central value "weight". This portfolio includes products and solutions relating to slicing, processing, weighing, cashing, checking, commissioning and labelling. Comprehensive services starting from consulting and service to labels and consumables as also leasing complete the portfolio. The BVS Bizerba Vision System: even identifies fat and muscle mass proportions With the BVS Bizerba Vision System, manufacturers can not only check whether labels, barcodes and allergy information are correctly positioned in a fully automated fashion, they can also classify foodstuffs into different quality levels at the same time. The patented BVS system checks whether the right amount of a certain product is contained in the packaging and whether the products are in the correct position. It is also the only system of its kind which identifies the relative proportions of fat and muscle mass. The BVS system can be set up as stand-alone units for small foodstuff manufacturers or can be fully integrated into automated production lines. It can also be optimally combined with other Bizerba products, such as the CWE checkweigher series or the light-barrier and rejection systems. It also complies with the "Hygienic Design" foodstuff guidelines. Since 1866, Bizerba has significantly defined technical developments in the handling of food and is today represented in 140 countries. The customer base includes globally operating companies in trade and industry as well as retailers, bakeries and butcheries. With 3,100 employees worldwide and with its headquarters in Balingen, Germany, Bizerba has now been in the same family for five generations. Additional production facilities are located in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, China, Mexico and USA. Bizerba also has a global network of sales and service locations. Bizerba Gmbh & Co. KG o Wilhelm-Kraut-Str. 65 o 72336 Balingen o Germany Phone +49 7433 12-0 o e-Mail marketing@bizerba.com o Contact Martin Taube internet www.bizerba.de

eLTeC eLTeC elektronik AG offers a range of premiumquality components paired with tailor-made solutions for industrial image processing applications. The product portfolio comprises interface cards, intelligent cameras as well as complex image processing systems for the industrial environment, such as inspection assignments, quality control and transportation/security technology solutions. embedded to high-performance image processing Our strengths include everything from the combination of interface technologies required for camera chip reading to the utilisation of embedded computer know-how. Consequently, we are in a position to offer completely embedded image processing solutions. The two examples below demonstrate the adaptation of interface technologies representing different electronic disciplines for image processing. Transmission of sensor images to laptops via WLAn and ethernet As a rule, it is not possible to upgrade laptops with additional interface cards. Hence, existing interfaces have to be used - in this case the i nternal WLAN. To solve this problem, the interface is directly integrated into the sensor to h andle the entire image data transmission p rocess to the connected laptop via WLAN. As an alternative, if the objective is to achieve maximum transmission speeds, Gigabit Ethernet as the most powerful of these interfaces can be used. optical full-rate transmission of multi-camera images to a PC During quality control applications, the images taken by multiple cameras have to be recorded simultaneously and transmitted while the camera head is in motion. The mechanical stability of standard network cables is inadequate for this application. Consequently, a single fibre optic cable boasting 5 GBs of capacity and good bending attributes is used instead. ELTEC's solution combines a concentrator head that multiplexes the camera signals onto the fibre optics cable and a PC slot card (PCI Express) which saves the signals in the PC's memory via DMA in an optimally processed manner. eLTeC elektronik AG o Galileo-Galilei-Str. 11 o 55129 Mainz o Germany Phone +49 6131 918-100 o e-Mail info@eltec.com internet www.eltec.com

eRhARDT+LeiMeR Dr. Michael Proeller, CEO, and Hannelore Leimer, President Erhardt+Leimer head office in Stadtbergen/Leitershofen 100 % print inspection erhardt+Leimer - specialists for 100 % print inspection erhardt+Leimer is one of the world's leading suppliers of control, guiding and inspection systems for moving webs and belts. More than 1,400 employees in 14 subsidiaries in europe, America and Asia develop and produce solutions for the textile, paper, tire, print and other industries. the print image with the reference image. With the innovative NYSCAN line scan camera and the high-performance TubeLight inspecting the entire width and length of the web, any printing and material defects are detected and are then recorded in a roll report. The report in turn is used by the NYSCAN Roll:Scheduler for precise defect positioning on the finishing machine. This allows to eject individual defects as well as larger areas as waste. In the field of industrial image processing, Erhardt+Leimer has set a new worldwide standard with its NYSCAN 100 % print inspection. The workflow with NYSCAN concept allows continuous inspection of the entire printing process, from pre-press to the finishing of the individual product. each nYSCAn system can also be used independently Apart from the "big" NYSCAN workflow solution, all systems can also be used independently. This underlines the vast experience and characterises Erhardt+Leimer as one of the worldwide leading specialists for automation and inspection. All NYSCAN components can be easily integrated into almost every printing press or finishing machine, thus being a real alternative to conventional methods of print inspection. Workflow with nYSCAn for 100 % print inspection Right before the start of the printing process, the quality of the production is compared with the proof from the customer using the NYSCAN Image:Inspector. Thus, a perfect reference image is delivered. During the printing process the N YSCAN Web:Inspector continuously compares erhardt+Leimer Gmbh o Albert-Leimer-Platz 1 o 86391 Stadtbergen o Germany Phone +49 821 2435-0 o e-Mail info@erhardt-leimer.com internet www.erhardt-leimer.de

FeSTo Festo is a leading world-wide supplier of automation technology. Festo pneumatic and electrical automation technology stands for innovation in industrial and process automation. Pure plug and work® by Festo: A portfolio of proven and innovative machine vision systems and components. From type, position and quality inspection to intelligent high-speed vision systems, we have the right solution. Pure flexibility: Machine vision systems by Festo intelligent camera systems SBo..-Q for quality inspection with a fully integrated PLC Intelligent cameras for position detection of parts and 100% quality inspection - even where there is an enormous variety of part types and all sorts of inspections needed. Stand-alone application can be easily controlled with the integrated PLC. Main application examples: o Completeness check o Dimensional inspections o Position and rotation detection o Reading of 1D and 2D code, OCR Technical highlights: o Integrated CoDeSys PLC (IEC 61131-3) o Standardised software interfaces via Ethernet, CAN, 24 V I/O (EtherNet/IP, Modbus and other protocols) o IP65/67 o C/CS-mount or integrated optics and lighting intelligent line-scan vision systems Checkbox for orientation and quality inspection and sorting of small parts Scanning high-speed vision systems for type, orientation and quality inspection of small moving parts. Ideal for feeding applications. o Integrated PLC functionality for controlling the entire feeding system with all necessary interfaces and precise optics and laser illumination o Teach-in functionality, sorting/counting functions high-speed cameras SBo..-M for function monitoring Innovative and cost-effective alternative to classic high-speed cameras: supporting diagnostics and commissioning as well as for function monitoring of fast motion sequences. o Up to 2,100 frames/s o everal systems can be S networked and synchronised via Ethernet Festo AG & Co. KG o Ruiter Str. 82 o 73734 esslingen-Berkheim o Germany internet www.festo.de

FRAMoS engineering imaging solutions For 30 years, FRAMoS Gmbh serves customers in the field of industrial image processing. We offer a comprehensive range of sensors, cameras and image processing components as well as development support services and complete solutions for image processing applications. our team in Germany, UK, italy and France currently consists of 55 associates and we are achieving sales of approximately EUR 30 million. ment support to the development platform and prototype development, from software and tools to algorithms and design. This is also defined by increasing requirements for the flexibility and scalability of image processing components. F RAMOS provides ideal support in this area from the decision-making process right up to the f inished product. imaging Solutions - Customised image processing solutions: Almost every field of application in the industry is supported by image processing systems. If you want to use an image processing system, we'll help you with the best combination of image processing components such as cameras, lenses, lighting and the right software. Our team will also develop and program the application in the corresponding development and user environment. With the integration, start-up and maintenance later on, we cover the entire value chain. Our know-how, combined with the ability to think outside the box, results in tailored image processing solutions. "Teaching machines to see" is what drives us. For us, image processing is a fascination, the future and our mission. Our 30 years of participation in a revolutionary new technology defines our three areas of business: imaging Products - Components for image processing: Through our long-term partnerships with numerous highly regarded manufacturers, we're able to provide you with top range of image sensors, cameras, optics, lighting, cables and image acquisition components. engineering Support - Development support for cameras, modules and software: From develop- FRAMoS Gmbh o zugspitzstr. 5c o 82049 Pullach im isartal o Germany Phone +49 89 710667-0 o e-Mail info@framos.de internet www.framos.de

iMAGo TeChnoLoGieS Computer for industrial image processing - embedded, as a PC or with high-speed camera Whether you need a camera with an integrated computer, a machine vision box PC or a real-time high-speed computer, iMAGo Technologies is the first choice. Carsten Strampe, manager of IMAGO Technologies, says: "We offer the latest technologies which are available for many years as soon as they're integrated into the series machine." High data rates, which are often combined with line scan cameras, have to be computed in realtime. This is realised using VisionBoxes, in which several computer work or which are equipped with Texas Instruments' latest multi-core embedded processors. Real time & high speed: VisionBox VisionBox PC - embedded and optimised for machine vision The processor inside of the camera: VisionCam Cameras need to be very compact, consequently the room for an additional processor is limited. "Everything which is technically possible and which corresponds to the most current level of technology is integrated into the camera", defines the company strategy. Embedded processors from the market leader Texas Instruments combine the entire image processing programme with the most up-to-date CMOS image sensors. As in other industrial sectors, a PC needs to have special features to fulfil the requirements based on the application and the machine. IMAGO offers embedded PCs with additional features for typical applications like the trigger control of the camera, the control of illumination and real-time IO. iMAGo Technologies Gmbh o Strassheimer Str. 45 o 61169 Friedberg o Germany Phone +49 6031 6842611 o e-Mail info.itf@imago-technologies.com internet www.imago-technologies.com

iDS iMAGinG DeVeLoPMenT SYSTeMS iDS - innovation in industrial imaging high-quality USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and Gige cameras, a sophisticated and proven software and firstclass support - that is iDS imaging Development Systems Gmbh. Based in obersulm, Germany, iDS today employs 120 staff and is internationally represented by subsidiaries in Boston (USA), Tokyo (Japan) and Paris (France) and through a network of distributors worldwide. More than half of IDS' employees are engineers in hardware and software development as well as application engineering. Assisted by an expert sales team, they provide our customers with comprehensive service and support, both before and after sales. The success of this approach is demonstrated by the over 200,000 frame grabbers and almost a quarter of a million industrial USB and GigE uEye cameras that are in use worldwide today. Our customers include OEMs, system integrators and manufacturers in the industrial, security, scientific and medical industries. Shift into top speed with USB 3.0 cameras from iDS Fast and powerful with high-performance CMOS sensors and the next generation USB 3.0 interface - the USB 3 uEye CP camera series from IDS is a step ahead in industrial imaging and ready for today's and tomorrow's market requirements. IDS has been the leader in industrial USB cameras for a decade. All expertise has been incorporated into the next generation uEye cameras with USB 3.0 interface. Experience you can rely on. The USB 3 uEye CP camera already thoroughly fulfils all of today's and tomorrow's requirements of the machine vision market with data transfer rates of up to 400 Mbyte/s and first-class high-speed CMOS sensors from innovative manufacturers like e2v, CMOSIS and Aptina. highest quality - Made in Germany IDS is certified according to the international standards ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. Standardisation ensures smooth processes and consistently the highest product quality. An internal quality management tests and inspects all IDS products before distribution. External certifications, e.g. Microsoft's WHQL certificate, and supplier assessments guarantee the high IDS quality standard and longterm product availability.

iDS iMAGinG DeVeLoPMenT SYSTeMS Custom-made - your ueye cameras! IDS offers more than 100 different camera m odels; however, sometimes specific applications require specific cameras. Our experienced engineers also specialise in the customisation of existing models and the design of brand-new models - cameras which are tailor-made for your requirements. package enables users to easily install the cameras as well as to determine the most ideal parameters for each image. As an added benefit, one driver and one API (application programming interface) are enough to integrate and simultaneously operate USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and GigE c ameras. This high level of interoperability and interchangeability of interfaces and hence c ustomer benefit is only offered by IDS. Firmware and driver updates are uploaded when initializing the cameras. There is no need to send the cameras back for updates! Regular free of charge upgrades also ensure that cameras in the field benefit from the highest functionality and newest features. The ueye software package - it's so easy! IDS' well-known and sophisticated software package offers driver versions for Windows and Linux as well as software interfaces, e.g. HALCON. The IDS Camera Manager is the central administration tool for all IDS uEye cameras. In addition, the uEye Cockpit offers comfortable camera installation and operation. Without changing a single line of programming code, the uEye software Company data: Founded: 1997 Employees: 120 worldwide iDS imaging Development Systems Gmbh Dimbacher Str. 6 - 8 o 74182 obersulm o Germany Phone +49 7134 96196-0 o e-Mail info@ids-imaging.de internet www.ids-imaging.com

inoS AUToMATionSSoFTWARe inos is part of the strong and globally active Grenzebach Group. The Grenzebach infrastructure with manufacturing facilities on three continents and three major currency areas enables inos to service its customers locally throughout the world. inos - We make robots see! inos offers sensor-based robot guidance, inline metrology and quality inspection systems for the automotive and manufacturing industries. Applications implemented with inos' patented SIR HPFit product are fitting of doors, hoods, roof modules, glass and other parts into the car body. The inos iMS Gap&Flush product is used to verify the vehicles dimensions in the body shop and on the moving final assembly line. With its iQS Build Verify products, inos assures that only correctly built products move to the next production step or leave the factory to the end customer. nology builds on more than 15 years of experience in the field of industrial image processing, metrology and robot guidance. The inos expertise and know-how culminates in its software products. Through software upgrades, inos customers quickly benefit from innovations at reasonable cost. engineering services inos can provide services and expertise starting from the design phase and ending with the completely commissioned system. Our experts can help optimise your production process by using vision-based robotic guidance solutions. Or they can provide solutions to safeguard and continuously optimise your production quality by using inline metrology and verification systems. System hard- and software Grenzebach Maschinenbau GmbH Albanusstr. 1 86663 Asbach-Bäumenheim Germany Phone +49 906 982-2000 E-Mail info@grenzebach.com Internet www.grenzebach.com inos automation systems are based on well- proven standard industrial components. This concept ensures a high technical availability. The inos software processes the image data provided by the digital sensors and relays the information to the relevant applications. The implemented tech- inos Automationssoftware Gmbh o Curiestr. 4 o 70563 Stuttgart o Germany Phone +49 711 686897-00 o e-Mail info@inos-automation.de internet www.inos-automation.de

iSRA ViSion Maximum added value - 3D Machine Vision and surface inspection from the leading international specialist iSRA ViSion has made a name for itself worldwide for over 25 years with innovative 3D robot vision systems and leading surface inspection technology. The company offers a complete portfolio of standard solutions for requirements throughout the entire automated production process chain. Surface inspection Fully automated in-line inspection systems assure the quality of strip products and keep costs under control. Defects can be quickly identified and classified in a wide variety of materials and surfaces in multiple industries including: o Metal (aluminum, steel, brass and copper) o Print (foil, glass, metal and paper) o Foils and non-wovens, flexible packaging o Glass (float, automotive, display and solar glass) o Paper (banknotes, tissues and newsprint) o Photovoltaics (cells, strings, modules and c oncave mirrors) o 3D shape measurement for surfaces, profiles and volumes industrial automation The systems offered by the world market leader for 3D Machine Vision increase product quality and production efficiency in the automotive industry. A standardised product portfolio ensures quick installation and scalability. F eatures include: o 3D robot guidance for fully automated ssembly a as well as identification of location and positioning: guidance and tracking, picking and placement, bonding and sealing, processing, loading, removal from and placement on pallets o 3D in-line gauging technology to measure cavities, bore holes, alignments and gaps, diameters, edges, corners and many other aspects Benefits The benefits of using an ISRA system include improved quality, more efficient production and a quicker return on investment. iSRA ViSion AG o industriestr. 14 o 64297 Darmstadt o Germany Phone +49 6151 948-0 o e-Mail info@isravision.com internet www.isravision.com

JenoPTiK PoLYMeR SYSTeMS Jenoptik is an international supplier of optoelectronic image processing solutions, both standardised and customised to the specific application. our customers have the opportunity to source all their optoelectronic system services from one provider, be it application advice in the field of optics, electronics and software development, the manufacturing of systems and components, or tailored service packages. From the idea to the complete solution - intelligent optoelectronic system solutions from one source Sharing excellence in optoelectronics Jenoptik stands for optoelectronic system solutions at the cutting edge of technology, developed to suit the needs of each individual customer and fine-tuned to meet market and user requirements. We develop, manufacture and test the following products: o sophisticated optoelectronic system solutions o CCD and CMOS cameras and imaging modules - standardised or application-specific with v ariable performance parameters o individual components and optoelectronic assemblies Markets and areas of application: o machine vision, optical measurement and s ensor technology intelligent products, short reaction times, and a tailored service ensure our customers are successful in their markets. o o o o o biotechnology, medicine, science and research quality assurance digital image processing security and identification tasks automotive industry What else can we do for you? As a technology partner to our customers, we develop and manufacture complete optoelectronic system solutions for use in many different areas. We draw on in-depth application advice, while our many years of project experience in international markets enable us to develop s olutions. We are flexible when it comes to p roject quantities, regardless of whether it is a prototype or large-volume production that is required. Our integrated approach to service means we can provide system development services and also a full ervice package that s includes project and vendor management, IP management and global logistics. JenoPTiK o optical Systems optoelectronic Systems Business Unit JenoPTiK Polymer Systems Gmbh o Am Sandberg 2 o 07819 Triptis o Germany Phone +49 36482 45-207 o e-Mail sensors-oes.os@jenoptik.com o internet www.jenoptik.com/oes

LAeTUS new dimensions for product quality and security Laetus has specialist expertise in the development, production and worldwide distribution of innovative control systems for product quality and packaging security - from identification of faulty components to their secure ejection from the production process. The experience and competence of almost 40 years can make the difference - especially with Track & Trace system solutions. 3D PoLYPheM o 3-dimensional product control o Secure inspection without laser technology 3D POLYPHEM provides, on the principle of stereoscopic vision, the identification of products in their 3-dimensional form with simultaneous colour detection. Products in blisters with poor contrast can be safely identified and inspected. Capturing the objects' full shape and characteristic allows a reliable detection of horizontally broken tablets or multiple tablets being stacked on top of each other within one blister pocket. 360° inSPeCT o 360° inspection of objects o Flexible and robust in operation A 360° inspection of objects is the latest add-on application of INSPECT, and in combination with the MiraLux 360 light box, this challenging task is achieved to perfection. The individual image data provided by four cameras are joined into one homogeneous picture and evaluated as such. The distance between cameras and objects can be easily adjusted, allowing a large range of different sized products. The 3 levels of S-TTS o Cell, Line and Plant Control from a single source o Safe investment for tomorrow's needs Due to its modular design, the Secure Track & Trace software meets all requirements of international product traceability regulations. Modularity and 3-level system architecture ensure the highest flexibility and a long-term security of investment. Starting with control of a single cell followed by multi-level aggregation through the complete packaging line all the way to warehousing, S-TTS is ready to cope with all potential needs. Laetus Gmbh o Sandwiesenstr. 27 o 64665 Alsbach-hähnlein o Germany Phone +49 6257 5009-0 o e-Mail contact@laetus.com internet www.laetus.com

LASeR 2000 Lighting plays a key role in image processing. With professional lighting, processes can be performed securely and more quickly. Laser 2000 has been a leader in this field for over 20 years. A professional lighting solution for image processing Laser for image processing The first laser system with homogenous line optics and Powell lens was introduced onto the market in 1992. This has led to a comprehensive product line today, covering all aspects of image processing. The laser family includes the small, compact systems and lasers with several watts of optical power. The lighting spectrum encompasses all light spectra from UV, VIS to IR. Outstanding features include camera lens vignetting correction, low laser protection classes, hand-ground lenses, tight tolerances and the highest level of durability for industrial applications. high-power LeD The latest generation of LED illumination differs significantly from the classic, widely known systems. Using innovative designs, a high level of luminous power can be perfectly distributed so that the relevant features can be evaluated for any possible geometry. The most common designs used are line, ring and spot lighting, which are used in a wide range of applications. Customer focus With the large number of series lighting systems available, a wide range of solutions can be found using series components. However, our expertise lies in developing customerspecific solutions. Laser 2000 works exclusively with premium partners who meet these high demands. Laser 2000 Gmbh o Argelsrieder Feld 14 o 82234 Wessling/München o Germany Phone +49 8153 405-0 o Telefax +49 8153 405-33 e-Mail info@laser2000.de o internet www.laser2000.de

LeUze eLeCTRoniC Flexible application due to motor-driven focus adjustment Better results through homogeneous illumination Welcome to the specialists for efficient sensor solutions! Leuze electronic develops and produces optoelectronic sensors and inductive switches, identification systems, image processing systems, data transmission systems and optoelectronic safety sensor systems for industrial automation. o o o o Automotive industry and suppliers Robotics and automation Productronics, electronics and photovoltaics Intralogistics our range of services Our image processing systems ensure maximum quality through quality assurance. In addition, we offer: o o o o o o Feasibility studies Delivery of the complete solution Mounting and commissioning Training of the operating personnel Service and maintenance Hotline and technical support Safety for many applications: o Product identification via bar code and 2D code - even directly marked products o Completeness and presence testing o 2-dimensional measurement tasks o Orientation detection of work pieces o Component completeness and traceability o Label positioning and label identification our highlight - the LSiS 400i smart camera For fast, simple quality assurance and identification, our powerful smart cameras are the best choice. With the simple configuration via a web browser, the motor-driven focus adjustment and the homogeneous, special illumination, they simplifie integration, offer flexibility in use and make possible a broad range of applications with high process reliability. Markets and applications: o Packaging and cosmetics industry o Food and beverage industry o Paper and foil processing o Handling and assembly technology Leuze electronic Gmbh + Co. KG o in der Braike 1 o 73277 owen o Germany Phone +49 7021 573-0 o e-Mail info@leuze.de internet www.leuze.com

LMi TeChnoLoGieS 3D measurement and control, made easy For over 30 years, LMi Technologies (LMi) has been a leading developer and producer of industrial laser measurement and control solutions. our focus is on delivering easy-to-use, non-contact measurement technology that enables end users to leverage the benefits of 3D for quality control, optimisation and automation in today's factories. Today, LMi's solutions support the 3D measurement needs of many of the world's largest companies in industries such as aluminium casting, rubber and tyre manufacturing, wood processing, automotive assembly, and roadway inspection. Gocator makes 3D measurement and control easy o o o o o Web-based user interface Built-in measurement tools Open source SDK 100% control from any web browser on any OS Sets up in minutes o Ships pre-calibrated o Rich I/O with Gigabit Ethernet o Available in different fields of view, measurement ranges, laser classes, and resolutions o Customisable to suit any application need o Network clusters of sensors for large- scale objects o Communicate results directly to a PLC via industry standard protocols o 100% non-contact inline inspection, tracking and sorting our latest offering, the Gocator all-in-one 3D smart sensor, represents LMi's dedication to evolving the user experience and making 3D measurement and control easy. Learn more about how LMI and Gocator can provide you with a complete, easy-to-use inline measurement and control solution at www.lmi3D.com/vdma. LMi Technologies BV o Valkenburgerweg 223 o 6419AT heerlen o The netherlands Phone +31 45 850 7000 o e-Mail info@lmi3D.com internet www.lmi3D.com

MATRiX ViSion For over 25 years, MATRiX ViSion has been developing industrial image processing components and customised solutions. Special emphasis is devoted to the commercialisation of high-quality digital and smart cameras for various industrial sectors. See more of your world ... ... with our products all to do with digital image processing In addition to frame grabbers, MATRIX VISION offers a large spectrum of digital cameras - from USB, GigE with Power over Ethernet to intelligent cameras. A wide range of USB 3.0 cameras with CMOS sensors up to 14 megapixels will be offered with the USB3 Vision Standard. The mvIMPACT software provides optimal support for the hardware in applications such as measurement and OCR/OCV, as well as pattern, barcode, data matrix, object and colour recognition. With mvIMPACT Acquire, there is a common programming interface for all digital cameras on the market. 3D cameras for static and moving objects are one of the main focuses of our current development with an impressive accuracy of up to 1 µm. Product portfolio o USB 2.0 & USB 3.0 cameras o GigE & Dual-GigE cameras (POE) o Smart camera systems o 3D cameras o Frame grabbers o Software libraries o OEM and customised developments our services o Highest quality standards and exceptionally long availability o Excellent value o Free hardware and software product demos o Comprehensive and personal service and support during all project phases with fast response times o Know-how transfer with the help of individual and interactive workshops and training sessions o Individual customisation and development MATRiX ViSion Gmbh o Talstr. 16 o 71570 oppenweiler o Germany Phone +49 7191 9432-0 o e-Mail info@matrix-vision.com internet www.matrix-vision.com

MAXXViSion Vision solutions design We are one of the leading distributors for cameras and components in the field of machine vision and visual communication in europe. in addition to standard products, we provide, along with our partners, customised solutions up to completely designed vision systems. We support our customers with professional service - for all requirements and applications. Cameras o GigE Vision / PoE o CoaXPress o USB 3.0 o CameraLink / PoCL o HD-SDI o IEEE 1394b o Customisation o Modifications optical solutions o Telecentric lenses o 360° view lenses o 3D lenses o Standard and zoom lenses o Customisation Components o LED illuminations o Interface boards o FPGA boards Value-added services o ustomisation C o easibility studies F o odifications M o oftware adaption S information o ounded: 2000 F o SO certified since 2005 I Total vision solutions o Individual design of vision systems o DSP, SDK, image processing o Sensor, optics, illumination o USB, Ethernet, WiFi MaxxVision Gmbh o Sigmaringer Str. 121 o 70567 Stuttgart o Germany Phone +49 711 997996-3 o e-Mail info@maxxvision.com internet www.maxxvision.com

MeTTLeR-ToLeDo PRoDUCT inSPeCTion Content and package quality inspection The MeTTLeR ToLeDo division Product inspection offers customer-specific solutions for applications in product lines of the food and beverage industry, for pharmaceutical products, packaging, care products and home chemistry. ity specifications will always be observed, and thus also assure the perfect presentation of the product. The systems allow checking of a great variety of packages and products at throughputs of up to 2,500 products per minute, and thus manufacturers can be sure that the products are in a faultless state upon delivery. Customers' benefit o Quality assurance for production and packaging o Traceability by reliable data for allocation and monitoring o Hygiene by appropriate systems o Safeguarding of the production process o Detection of contaminants for all products or packaging materials o Calibration and maintenance of the systems Labelling and verification solutions for serialisation programmes METTLER TOLEDO Garvens offers highly compact solutions for independent individual labelling and verification systems for upgrading existing production lines, but also comprehensive systems for checkweighing, labelling and verification. The demands of maximum flexibility is mandatory, in order to allow operation with a wide variety of globally leading printing and camera systems, and to ensure a smooth integration into the production line without interferences. Automatic optical inspection METTLER TOLEDO CI-Vision is leading in design, manufacturing and installation of vision inspection systems for a wide range of sectors. The CI Vision systems ensure that production and qual- Mettler-Toledo Product inspection Germany o Kampstr. 7 o 31180 Giesen o Germany Phone +49 5121 933222 o e-Mail PiD@mt.com internet www.mt.com/pi

MVTeC SoFTWARe Software for machine vision For more than 15 years, MVTec has been manufacturing machine vision software. With its technology-leading standard software hALCon, MVTec is firmly established in the world market and continually sets innovative benchmarks. MVTec Software GmbH is a leading international manufacturer of software for machine vision used in all demanding areas of imaging. MVTec's industrially proven software products HALCON and ActivVisionTools are used worldwide in a large variety of application areas including: o 3D vision, robot vision o quality assurance: inspection of dimensional accuracy, colour, completeness, surfaces, etc. o print inspection of printed, punched or embossed material o subpixel-precise measurements of 1D, 2D, and 3D structures o identification of arbitrary objects, reading of bar codes and data codes, optical character recognition (OCR) and verification (OCV) as well as sample-based identification (SBI) HALCON and ActivVisionTools considerably reduce the development time. As a result, Solutions + Services MVTec supports its customers extensively in the implementation of their machine vision tasks. Along with their standard software products, MVTec also offers application development services whereby customers collaborate with MVTec to define their application objectives and specifications, and MVTec develops the complete software solution. MVTec's efficient techniques and methods ensure that the customer's ideas are optimally implemented. MVTec's customers are able to improve time to market for their products. Distribution HALCON and ActivVisionTools are available through MVTec's global distribution network. The highly qualified distributors assist the customers with immediate support in their local languages around the world. MVTec Software Gmbh o neherstr. 1 o 81675 München o Germany Phone +49 89 457695-0 o e-Mail info@mvtec.com internet www.mvtec.com

nATionAL inSTRUMenTS GeRMAnY ni Vision - machine vision for any application ni is a leading machine vision and scientific imaging hardware and software tools provider. engineers and scientists use ni vision products to solve a diverse set of application challenges, faster and at a lower cost. HMIs and work with a vast selection of cameras and imaging standards on the market, so you can choose the sensor type, resolution and bandwidth that meets your application needs. National Instruments vision products have been used to meet a wide variety of application needs from inspecting automotive parts to researching advanced medicines to monitoring traffic. Select examples of industries and applications include automotive and aerospace, food, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, vision-guided robotics, semiconductor and solar, medical and scientific as well as electronics validation. To read case studies on how NI products have been used, visit ni.com/visionsolutions. For almost 15 years, National Instruments has provided hardware and software tools for image acquisition and processing to address applications such as quality and process control, automated testing for semiconductor, automotive and electronics, intelligent monitoring, and medical imaging. With the National Instruments machine vision approach, you can use a single software package across the entire NI vision hardware portfolio. This open platform means that after learning just one set of vision software tools, you can easily reduce development time and maintenance costs as well as port existing code when changing hardware. NI vision pro d ucts also integrate easily with PACs, PLCs and national instruments Germany Gmbh o Ganghoferstr. 70 b o 80339 München o Germany Phone +49 89 7413130 o e-Mail info.germany@ni.com internet www.ni.com/germany

neURoCheCK neuroCheck - a reliable partner for industrial image processing, with more than 10,000 applications worldwide Since 1993, neuroCheck Gmbh has been offering turnkey solutions for all fields of automated visual inspection. All these solutions are based on the software product neuroCheck, which is developed in-house. Scalability and standardisation, from mini PC systems to networked multicamera inspection systems, make neuroCheck the ideal platform for industrial image processing, regardless of company size. Markets Inspection systems by NeuroCheck GmbH are used all over the world in various industrial areas such as automotive, electronics, semiconductors, mechanical engineering, medical technology, photovoltaics, glass and the pharmaceuticals industry as well as in research and education. Turnkey vision systems Based on the flexible, configurable NeuroCheck software developed in-house, NeuroCheck GmbH offers turnkey vision systems for all application areas of digital image processing in manufacturing: o o o o o o o Presence verification Pattern recognition Gauging Bar code and DataMatrix identification Character recognition Colour processing Surface inspection Standard PC software and automated vision inspection stations for industrial vision systems

neURoCheCK Software Design and Training Center Friedrichstr. 7 70174 Stuttgart Germany Phone +49 711 229646-30 E-Mail info@neurocheck.com Internet www.neurocheck.com Software and components For end-users and OEMs who want to create their own NeuroCheck-based vision systems, all image processing components such as cameras, boards for the integration of peripherals, lighting equipment and PCs can be obtained from NeuroCheck GmbH. Training Competent users guarantee lasting success. N euroCheck GmbH supports users with carefully designed training programmes for optimal o peration of the inspection system. Company information Service NeuroCheck GmbH and its international system partners, specialists with many years of application experience, provide consulting, training, engineering, deployment, maintenance, remote maintenance and software support. Presidents and principals: Dipl.-Ing. Christian Demant Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Streicher-Abel Founded: 1993 employees: > 40 implemented systems: more than 10,000 Sister companies: Industrial Vision Systems Ltd., UK www.industrialvision.co.uk neuroCheck Gmbh o headquarters and engineering Center neckarstr. 76/1 o 71686 Remseck o Germany Phone +49 7146 8956-0 o e-Mail info@neurocheck.com internet www.neurocheck.com

oBe ohnMAChT & BAUMGäRTneR oBe offers under the brand name of trevista components and systems for the automatic inspection of technical and decorative surfaces. These products can be used especially for the 100% inspection of shiny components. A threedimensional surface shape is displayed using topographic images. Small defects on the surface can be differentiated clearly from stains. Automated 100% inspection of challenging surfaces trevista is based on a patented "shape from shading" technology. Surface result images are calculated from several input images, separated by topography (peaks and valleys) and texture (stains). The combination of trevista result images enables the fast and reliable detection of defects of a few microns depth. As a result, the detection of imperfections is done reliably, quickly and free of interference. trevista is offered in three sizes - depending on the required measuring field from 20 mm up to 200 mm. Four inspection tasks are possible: o inspection of static surfaces (trevista SURFACE) o inspection of cylindrical surfaces (trevista CYLINDER) o inspection of material in linear movement (trevista MOTION) o inspection of discrete parts on the fly (trevista FLASH) Our spectrum ranges from components to i ntegrated machine vision solutions for specific parts and finally up to complete automated inspection systems. Further services cover: o feasibility studies o loaners to test the system o planning and realisation of the image processing solution o projection and implementation of entire testing facilities o customer-specific developments Fields of application for trevista are markets where metal or shiny components must be detected automatically and fast - primarily the automotive industry and its subcontractors as well as the electronics and semiconductor industry. oBe ohnmacht & Baumgärtner Gmbh & Co. KG o Turnstr. 22 o 75228 ispringen o Germany Phone +49 7231 802-0 o e-Mail trevista@obe.de internet www.trevista.net

oCTUM octum designs and delivers since 1996 high-performance machine vision solutions for completeness and assembly inspection, surface defect inspection, robot guidance and part identification, from simple to complex applications for all industries. Depending on the specific task, octum uses stand-alone or networked smart cameras, as well as PC systems. With more than 2,000 system solutions already successfully installed in production facilities, octum is one of the most experienced suppliers in the industry. We supply well-known companies in the pharmaceutical and medical, automotive, electronics and consumer goods industries, manufacturers of metal and plastic goods, as well as machine builders. octum is certified according to Din en iSo 9001:2008. OCTUMISEr with 6 cameras as 21 CFR Part 11 Version octum solutions make sense, helping you to see more, even in 3D Machine vision systems from Octum integrate for a specific task 1D, 2D or 3D cameras. The systems' standard interfaces guarantee smooth integration into the production lines. For the mechanical integration into the line or ma hine, we supply drawings in c 3D directly integrated into customer drawings. octum - safety for the pharmaceutical and medical industry Production processes in the pharmaceutical and medical industry require for any single manufacturing step highest levels of safety, reproducibility and documentation of any process interaction. Since the company was established, we have been supplying inspection systems for the p harmaceutical and medical industry for surface defect inspection of web and individual products, assembly, packaging and label inspection as well as reading of codes and characters as part of track & trace applications. With every installation, our customers benefit from these years of experience in an environment where safety is the priority. All our inspection solutions comply with standards and regulations in place in this industry and are also available as 21 CFR Part 11 versions. 3D surface defect inspection on metallic surfaces Pharmaceutical application label inspection as track & trace component The modular machine vision system CV 600 with the CV-inspect system software is the technological basis for advanced 2D and 3D applications. Due to the combination of 2D and 3D inspection methods, the process- related false reject rate is minimised. The system software oCTUMiSer provides the ideal user interface for inspection solutions implemented with networked smart cameras from Cognex. OCTUMISEr offers a configuration platform for up to 99 smart cameras. octum Gmbh o Renntalstr. 16 o 74360 ilsfeld o Germany Phone +49 7062 914940 o e-Mail info@octum.de internet www.octum.de

oMRon eLeCTRoniCS Simple integration, maximum speed - vision with etherCAT omron is a global company operating in the field of industrial automation. Alongside state-of-theart control, drive and sensor technologies, omron offers innovative vision systems for modern machine concepts that can be fully integrated. Vision sensor especially for Pick & Place The FQ Motion series includes vision sensors which were developed especially for Pick-andPlace applications. The sensor is compact, quick and communicates with all devices by EtherCAT or Ethernet. It has an input for incremental rotary encoders to allow for precise tracking of the object during operation and easy calibration of the entire machine. Products range from basic, high-performance vision sensors to vision systems for complex industry-specific applications. To ensure universal communication with maximum speed, systems with EtherCAT interfaces are available across the entire product portfolio. EtherCAT is the basis for linking all the components of a machine with one connection - in this way, the vision can be integrated quickly and easily in the entire machine. In addition, a range of Plug-and-Play functions and the use of standard software simplify the implementing of Omron vision systems. Vision system for quick positioning tasks The vision system FZM1 is designed for high- precision object recognition and quality inspection of any objects at high speed. It offers latest generation image data processing, an intuitive operator interface and test functions which are specially designed for quick positioning applications. The integrated EtherCAT interface allows quick networking with the entire machine. omron electronics Gmbh o elisabeth-Selbert-Str. 17 o 40764 Langenfeld o Germany Phone +49 2173 6800-0 o e-Mail info.de@eu.omron.com internet www.industrial.omron.de

oPTiMUM DATAMAnAGeMenT SoLUTionS easy to cope with a single one - we specialise on the manifold variety "Schlauer Klaus" ("Smart Marc") is used to univocally attach inspection plan to parts, and to automatically work off the inspection orders. The solution inspects and gauges containers, packages and pallets to determine count, labelling, surface condition, physical dimension, alignment, position, and so forth. Typical applications for "Schlauer Klaus" ("Smart Marc") include: o part recognition and identification o inspect production step execution and accomplishment o examine for completeness product, mounting, package, cask or bin o gauge distances, diameters, angles o calculate positions, determine outlines o check surface quality and imprint o reading barcodes or text ("Optical Character Recognition") o count and enumerate articles o supervise and check picking and packaging "Schlauer Klaus" ("Smart Marc") suitable fields of operation are: o Tagging and inspecting many different parts in goods receiving o Part inspection and workforce empowerment in production o Safeguarding order fulfilment and product quality in outgoing goods o Documenting order evidence of conformity in outgoing goods optimums leading-edge vision tools and database management enable the Automated optical inspection solution "Schlauer Klaus" ("Smart Marc") to inspect, gauge and count a multitude of different objects. About optimum datamanagement solutions Gmbh We develop intelligent vision software, paired with data management solutions, stressing large data volumes and high-speed computing simultaneously. This groundbreaking technique was awarded with "Innovationszuschuss" by Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. optimum datamanagement solutions Gmbh o hirschstr. 12-14 o 76133 Karlsruhe o Germany Phone +49 721 57044950 o e-Mail info@optimum-gmbh.de internet www.optimum-gmbh.de

PoLYTeC Polytec offers a wide range of components and solutions for machine vision. The company specialises in dealing with challenging individualised solutions for machine vision. By drawing on its considerable experience in a range of application areas, Polytec is able to provide competent help and advice in choosing and integrating components such as LeD lighting, fiber optic systems, lenses, cameras, vision sensors, high-speed systems and image processing software. Machine vision by Polytec: components, systems and advice Polytec takes pride in providing complete care of its customers, from analysing and selecting components for the task through to the implementation of the production system. The fully trained s ervice department means that downtimes are kept to minimum and long-term partnerships are Custom tunnel light with maintained making Polytec a relitwo camera holes able service partner. Long-term partnerships with top international suppliers also constitute the basis for providing advice that is independent of manufacturers and that focuses on the best possible roduct selection for the p customer. applications repeatedly arise that call for customised solutions. Polytec is known for short development times and prices that are close to the standard cost. About Polytec Polytec GmbH was founded in Waldbronn near Karlsruhe in 1967 and has an international presence with worldwide branches. Polytec is a partner of leading international manufacturers who are engaged in sales, application and service with respect to products from the broad range of o ptical technologies. One major area is machine vision. Furthermore Polytec develops and p roduces highly developed optical measurement systems for the analysis of vibrations, measurement of length and speed for use in industrial processes, determining surface properties such as topography as well as analysing spectral material properties. Standard dark-field ring light Products At Polytec, standard products cover a wide range of applications. Around 3,000 standard products can be selected in the area of LED lighting. Despite the comprehensive standard programme, Polytec Gmbh o Polytec Platz 1-7 o 76337 Waldbronn o Germany Phone +49 7243 604-180 o e-Mail bv@polytec.de o internet www.polytec.de/bv

QUiSS Since 1988, QUiSS Gmbh is a reliable partner for development and implementation of professional turnkey image processing solutions. With their excellent technologies and algorithms, the QUiSS systems provide a real competitive edge in industrial production and offer a decisive contribution to highest quality and productivity. Professional image processing - for your quality and productivity efficient system solutions for quality inspection, higher productivity and improved profitability in your production process Our image processing systems are operating successfully worldwide in many industries. We design and integrate our systems to your special requirements and provide comprehensive service during the entire project - from initial concept to start-up and follow-up service needs. We train your employees thoroughly and provide a full spectrum of service offers after project completion. QUISS provides a comprehensive selection of innovative systems for all conceivable inspection tasks in the fields of: o o o o o o Inspection of adhesive and sealant application 2D-/3D -measurement and robot guidance Total can and end inspection Assembly control Type verification and label sorting Code verification and code reading (GTIN, QR, DPG ...) QUiSS Gmbh o Lilienthalstr. 5 o 82178 Puchheim o Germany Phone +49 89 89459-0 o e-Mail information@Quiss.com internet www.Quiss.com

SAC SiRiUS ADVAnCeD CYBeRneTiCS SAC - Tools & Solutions for Machine Vision Founded as a spin-off by longtime experienced image processors, the SAC as a separate company stands now for over 15 years in machine vision for quality and innovation. "Professional tools and solutions for machine vision" aptly describes the focus of our activities. Our wide range of products and services makes us the ideal solution partner for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) as well as for system integrators and end users. They all benefit from our experience that enables us to offer efficient tools - especially our Machine Vision Application Toolkit Coake® 7 - as well as optimised vision systems and last but not least customised complete solutions coming from a single source from the idea to commissioning. Of particular importance for our customers is that they have with us one of the most experienced providers of machine vision technology as a solution partner and that we can offer them in addition to software and hardware components also complete solutions from one source. From the initial feasibility study to the project planning to the optimal realisation of individual tasks and beyond, you can always count on us. Our solutions are used across all industries around the world. With a focus on development, production and distribution of high-quality systems and solutions, we continue to set new standards in the field of machine vision. our product range covers, among others, important areas such as 3D machine vision (Pulsar system for plug and coplanarity control), surface inspection (VisionLine system for both sheet and continuous material) and display test (eoDiS). SAC Sirius Advanced Cybernetics Gmbh o Am Sandfeld 15 o 76149 Karlsruhe o Germany Phone +49 721 60543-000 o e-Mail info@sac-vision.de internet www.sac-vision.net

JoS. SChneiDeR oPTiSChe WeRKe Jos. Schneider optische Werke Gmbh is a worldwide recognised manufacturer of highperformance lenses and filters as well as optical and mechanical components for industrial applications. The parent company is located in Bad Kreuznach/Germany with subsidiaries in Germany, Asia and the USA. Catch the light 100 years of experience in optical design and manufacturing with modern production processes enable Schneider-Kreuznach to offer top-quality products. The competent expert consultation and support contribute furthermore to the customer's success. The core competences of Schneider-Kreuznach are: o optical and mechanical design o modern optical manufacturing incl. aspherical and cylindrical optics o precision engineering o application know-how With their excellent optical and mechanical properties, Schneider-Kreuznach products suit perfectly to the industrial demands. The standard product range includes: o C-mount lenses (compact, anti-shading) o Unifoc lenses (V-mount, macro) o Lenses for large sensors (Xenon-SAPPHIRE, Xenon-EMERALD) o SWIR lenses (SWIRON) o Industrial filters (bandpasses, longpasses, shortpasses, polarisers) o LED illumination (UltraLED) Schneider-Kreuznach also provides customised solutions for OEM projects. The understanding for the customer's demand and the in-depth expert knowledge lead to excellent opto-mechanical systems. Applications: o 2D/3D metrology o ITS o OLED/LCD/PCB inspection o Flat panel/Glass inspection o Solar inspection o Surface & web inspection o Machine vision o Postal identification and sorting o Automotive o Medical o Biometrics o Food processing o Robotics o Space & defense o Security Jos. Schneider optische Werke Gmbh o Ringstr. 132 o 55543 Bad Kreuznach o Germany Phone +49 671 601-205 o e-Mail industrie@schneiderkreuznach.com internet www.schneiderkreuznach.com

SieMenS SiMATiC code reading systems - flexible reading and verification of 1D/2D codes Distinct coding of products or parts of products is a key requirement of modern production processes. A unique system permits the planning of each and every step of production for every part manufactured and changes within the production process or in the materials used. Direct marking of products also allows the implementation of legally specified requirements for tracing production batches throughout the production system, for example, for product liability. Codes can be read on still or moving objects, regardless of their rotation (360°). Optical Character Recognition can be realised with OCR license "Text-Genius". Many readers use printquality monitoring (verification) of the codes for process control. The range of stationary code reading systems includes the compact code reading systems SIMATIC MV420 and MV440 and the modular code reading system SIMATIC VS130-2. The wide range of communications possibilities - including RS232, PROFIBUS, PROFINET and Ethernet - makes it easy to integrate the reading system into your automation solution. The handheld reading systems SIMATIC MV340 and SIMATIC HawkEye are powerful, intelligent reading devices for various two-dimensional (2D) codes as well as one-dimensional bar codes (1D). They read printed, lasered, drilled, punched and needle imprinted codes on a wide variety of surfaces. A wide range of interfaces - including RS232, USB and Bluetooth - opens the door to universal application possibilities. With our stationary and handheld code reading system, we offer just the right products for reading and verification of 1D and 2D codes as well as Optical Character Recognition (OCR). The stationary reading systems are powerful, intelligent reading devices for various twodimensional (2D) codes as well as one-dimensional bar codes (1D). They read printed, lasered, drilled, punched and needle imprinted codes on a wide variety of surfaces. Siemens AG o industry Automation Division, Sensors and Communication Gleiwitzer Str. 555 o 90475 nürnberg o Germany Phone +49 911 895-0 o e-Mail simatic-ident.i-ia@siemens.com internet www.siemens.com/codereader

SiGnUM CoMPUTeR Your solution provider for industrial vision our product range is focused on the end user in the manufacturing industry as well as on suppliers of equipment in mechanical engineering. Our main experiences are in the following fields: o imprint control o surface inspection o position tracking and control o code reading Our customers are mainly from the following sectors: o automotive supplying industry o print industry o semiconductor manufacturing o plastic manufacturing o mechanical engineering o food production o cosmetic industry The company Established in 1982 Equity capital: Employees: Shareholders: Managing director: EUR 222,000 6 senior executives Dr. Alfred Vogel Product range We supply complete solutions including the task analysis, development and construction as well as commissioning and training. Our real-time image processing systems are PC-based and are made for harsh process environment. our references Alu-Rheinfelden, Debatin, Epcos, Erbslöh, Federal Mogul, Fischbach, Heidelberger Druck, Isimat, Kent, L. Kurz, Madag, Mann+Hummel, Novotechnik, Rastal, Rexam, Stihl, Tiede, Weener, Wicklein. Signum Computer für Signalverarbeitung und Mustererkennung Gmbh Rüdesheimer Str. 21 o 80686 München o Germany Phone +49 89 547055-0 o e-Mail sales@signum-vision.de internet www.signum-vision.de

SiLiCon SoFTWARe Silicon Software - your partner for innovations For 15 years Silicon Software has developed with its image processing hardware and software products off-the-shelf and customised oeM solutions for quality inspection in the automation industry. positions itself in this field as international technology leader. Its innovative product series offer use for a broad range of applications and by its services additional opportunities for individual adaptations and solutions. Silicon Software GmbH produces image processing boards and customised OEM products with FPGA processors. Based on this technology and by use of its internationally awarded software programming tools, powerful, robust and reliable solutions for real-time image processing in industrial applications are realised. Image acquisition and image processing products of Silicon Software have been successfully utilised in a vast number of different applications in industrial as well as non-industrial systems for years. Our customers achieve competitive advantages in the market by use of individual implementations for their systems. By high flexibility and chances for subsequent adaptations, a long product life cycle is made possible. Besides machine vision, OEM solutions by Silicon Software are also used in medical technology, video and network technology and as programmable image processors in industrial cameras. high flexibility and performance Increasing demands for enhancements in the a utomation industry require new, more flexible and more powerful solutions. Silicon Software Product profiles Off-the-shelf frame grabbers Intelligent image processing hardware Embedded image processing OEM product and driver development Programming tools for vision processors o Libraries for real-time image processing o Programming services o Developing services o o o o o Silicon Software Gmbh o Steubenstr. 46 o 68163 Mannheim o Germany Phone +49 621 789507-0 o e-Mail info@silicon-software.de internet www.silicon-software.com

STeMMeR iMAGinG CAM__SC=839.472 CAM__SC=547.135 ?=95,628 d=2,739?m CAM__SC=538.473 CAM__SC=432.576 STEMMER IMAGING GmbH Gutenbergstraße 9-13 82178 Puchheim, Deutschland Telefon: +49 89 80902-0 Fax: +49 89 80902-116 www.stemmer-imaging.de info@stemmer-imaging.de STEMMER IMAGING LTD The Old Barn, Grange Court Tongham, Surrey, GU10 1DW, UK Telefon: +44 1252 780000 Fax: +44 1252 780001 www.stemmer-imaging.co.uk info@stemmer-imaging.co.uk STEMMER IMAGING S.A.S. Rue Edouard Nieuport 23 bis 92150 Suresnes, Frankreich Telefon: +33 1 45069560 Fax: +33 1 40991188 www.stemmer-imaging.fr info@stemmer-imaging.fr d=26,952mm STEMMER IMAGING AG Eichenstrasse 2 8808 Pfäffikon SZ, Schweiz Telefon: +41 55 4159090 Fax: +41 55 4159091 www.stemmer-imaging.ch info@stemmer-imaging.ch CAM__SC=836.104 imaging is our passion! STeMMeR iMAGinG is europe's largest imaging technology provider. Customers benefit from a wide variety of imaging products from the world's leading manufacturers providing cuttingedge vision technology across all product segments and comprehensive support services. We are able to offer: o Illumination systems o Lenses and optics for all major cameras and applications o A wide range of industrial cameras, such as line-scan, area-scan, 3D and high-speed cameras in both monochrome and colour o "Smart" vision solutions o Powerful image acquisition technology o Complete imaging systems o All necessary accessories As the developers of the world's leading image processing development environment, Common Vision Blox (CVB, see www.commonvisionblox. com), and as manufacturer of application-specific products, we perfectly support our customers to enable complex solution to be realised easily. This setup is the added value STEMMER IMAGING offers as your perfect imaging partner. With more than 35 years of imaging experience and a staff of approx. 180 employees in Germany, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland and Benelux, we are able to offer comprehensive support services to our customers. Our experts support you from A to Z - finding the best technical solution and the most cost-effective combination of components for your imaging task - assisting you in a solution-oriented and reliable way throughout your project. Feasibility studies, training and direct customer support are just some of the examples of our value add. As Europe's largest vision technology supplier, our customers benefit from extremely competitive pricing due to our purchasing volume and fast delivery from our stock that is unique in Europe. STeMMeR iMAGinG Gmbh o Gutenbergstr. 9-13 o 82178 Puchheim o Germany Phone +49 89 80902-0 o e-Mail info@stemmer-imaging.de internet www.stemmer-imaging.com

SVS-ViSTeK Digital high-performance cameras and comprehensive machine vision expertise Founded in 1987 as a supplier of components for machine vision purposes, SVS-ViSTeK has been developing and manufacturing its own cameras. SVS-ViSTeK today is one of Germany's most innovative manufacturers of industrial cameras, a reliable supplier of components for machine vision purposes, and a specialist for highly integrated imaging systems and solutions. allows us to match the specific needs of our customers. Whether the application requires minimum size (SVCam-ECO), particularly slim design (SVCam-SLC), high speed (SVCam-CF and EVO), or maximum resolution (SVCam-HR), SVS-VISTEK delivers. Our cameras are more than just superior technology: the products are backed by an organisation that is highly efficient, lean and customeroriented in all of its processes. We achieve maximum quality through a careful selection of our suppliers and by a continuous and constructive dialogue with our partners. This ensures that our products and process fully satisfy the needs of our valued customers. SVS-VISTEK offers global sales and support through a world-wide network of highly skilled partners in more than 20 countries. Through close relationships with these especially competent local partners, SVS-VISTEK is able to provide its first-class quality cameras and professional support to demanding customers around the world. The combination of these three key competences with the experience of SVS-VISTEK provides unique and valuable benefits to customers. Our detailed knowledge and understanding of diverse vision application areas forms the basis for the development of our cameras and our highly responsive and customer-oriented organisation. "SVCam" stands for high-performance CCD cameras developed and manufactured in modular designs which can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements. In total, there are currently five camera series, representing high- performance camera technology which SVS-ViSTeK Gmbh o Mühlbachstr. 20 o 82229 Seefeld o Germany Phone +49 8152 9985-0 o e-Mail info@svs-vistek.de internet www.svs-vistek.de

TeChnoTeAM BiLDVeRARBeiTUnG Photometric assembly groups for illumination and signalling as well as displays for information purposes are non-indispensable element of many technical systems. During the development of these assemblies, in production and finally at the end user, measurements of the brightness and colour are required. Automatic tester for OLEDs imaging light and colour measuring devices for labs and productions measurement. The signal values in the image can be converted directly into luminance and colour values. Measuring technique for production LMK 5 - a new generation of luminance and colour measuring cameras Many measuring tasks require the capturing of photometric units resolved in location and/or angles. In car displays, the average luminance of each symbol, but also the luminance differences within the symbols have to be measured. To capture location-dependent photometric quantities, spatial resolution measuring systems are required. Luminance measuring cameras provide in one measurement a lot of luminance values (about 106 ... 107), i.e. luminance images. The realisation of such systems is based on high-quality CCD igital cameras. Each of them is analysed d c omplexly, calibrated and adjusted to the light An example of the use of an LMK in production measurements is an automatic tester for OLEDs. OLEDs are used as backlight (e.g. cell phone screen) but also used to implement large colour displays itself. Applications can be found in the car as well as in widespread lighting effect. OLEDs require as much expanded measuring objects for both the development and p roduction-accompanying imaging light and c olour measuring technique. Because of the use of colour measurement c ameras, luminance, colour and homogeneity of a complete c arrier are detectable. This measurement technique is for product development and for production control in action. TechnoTeam Bildverarbeitung GmbH high precision measurement systems TechnoTeam Bildverarbeitung Gmbh Werner-von-Siemens-Str. 5 o 98693 ilmenau o Germany Phone +49 3677 4624-0 o e-Mail info@technoteam.de internet www.technoteam.de

ViSion & ConTRoL Trust in German quality: Vision & Control Setting standards in reliability Flexible and straightforward integration - the pictor® family. Designed for flexible use in industrial environments, the pictor® device concept allows customised combination with vicotar® optics and vicolux® lighting. As a technology leader with over 20 years of experience, Vision & Control develops, produces and sells a coordinated kit system for industrial machine vision worldwide. Through the 100% German quality production, the company sets standards in regards to reliability and functionality. In order to realise demanding image processing tasks, where an implementation with standard components reaches its borders, customised solutions and services for industrial automation with machine vision are offered for the machine building industry and for OEMs. Vision & Control is a member in the VDMA and sercosassociation. Vision & Control vision systems monitor, control and automate simple to cost-intensive production and assembly processes. Standard interfaces such as sercos and CANopen ensure an uncomplicated, inexpensive and quick integration in systems or machines. Standard products as well as complex special and custom productions are supplied in the competency areas of vision systems, optics and lighting along with the matching software. Vision & Control offers equal competency in development and production and can therefore realise solutions from one source. Smart cameras pictor® - as simple as possible, as flexible as necessary! Designed for flexible usage in industry, the modules allow an individual combination with the vicotar® optics and vicolux® lighting. The full power of Vision & Control is shown here.

ViSion & ConTRoL Under the brand name vicotar®, a wide portfolio of telecentric and entocentric precision optics is offered, from micro to macro. Multi-camera systems vicosys® - powerful and individually configurable Compact and flexible vicosys® multi-camera systems are specialised for the inspection of test objects from different perspectives. They allow a parallel shot from different cameras and a mutual evaluation of the views into a final result. oeM With the bundled know-how in the core areas of optics, lighting and vision system design as well as software development and mechanical construction, individually customised solutions are developed as product adjustments and special developments. Markets Components from Vision & Control support an increase in performance in the solar and photovoltaic industry, assembly and handling processes as well as processes in the area of packaging and filling and help improve the quality of optical controls and precision of the machine control during production. Service Competent and goal-oriented consultation, professional analysis of the application tasks and feasibility studies in the application laboratory are among the services. This does not only save time, money and nerves, the users can also be certain that they will find the optimal solution for their task with the best possible components. Vision & Control Gmbh o Mittelbergstr. 16 o 98527 Suhl o Germany Phone +49 3681 7974-0 o internet www.vision-control.com

ViSion CoMPonenTS Custom-made or "off the rack": Smart Cameras for industrial applications from Vision Components offer users a comprehensive selection of machine vision solutions, ranging from standard components to individually designed embedded vision systems. The VC product portfolio includes freely programmable oeM board cameras, efficient vision sensors and intelligent high-performance cameras for demanding applications. Freely programmable, fast and compact: embedded machine vision solutions from Vision Components Founded in 1996 by Michael Engel, inventor of the first intelligent camera for industrial applications, Vision Components GmbH develops and distributes intelligent, network and real-time capable Smart Cameras that operate without a PC and can be integrated into almost any industrial facility. With local branches and distributors, the company is represented in more than 25 countries world-wide. Automation, security, medical technology, electronics and semiconductor production In addition to quality control and production inspection, typical applications for VC solutions include security applications with video surveillance and embedded video analytics, medical device inspection, electronics and semiconductor production, and the food and packaging industries. Equipped with the proprietary multitasking VCRT operating system, VC Smart Cameras can be easily configured for all possible requirements. Furthermore, VC provides software libraries for a wide range of applications including motion capture, decoding, measurement and positioning. Consulting and services for oeMs and end customers With decades of development experience, VC focuses on consulting and services. The company consistently meets its target to efficiently solve customer-specific tasks for OEMs, machine builders and end customers. VC offers comprehensive consulting and versatile approaches, including development services and the modification of standard models. Vision Components Gmbh o ottostr. 2 o 76275 ettlingen o Germany Phone +49 7243 2167-23 o e-Mail sales@vision-components.com internet www.vision-components.com

ViTRoniC DR.-inG. STein BiLDVeRARBeiTUnGSSYSTeMe As a recognised supplier of machine vision systems, ViTRoniC realises solutions from customer-specific systems to large-scale projects around the globe. With the experience of nearly 30 years in machine vision and more than 400 employees, ViTRoniC is one of the biggest owner-operated players in the world. Whether industrial automation, intralogistics or traffic technology - ViTRoniC provides adapted systems by ensuring state-of-the-art technology. Customised machine vision systems order to check quality, monitor the production process, enable automated handling, and identify and verify codes and other attributes. Our portfolio covers the consultation, the planning and conception of a solution, as well as the engineering of both hardware and software, including construction, programming, documentation and training. Beyond that, our auto-ID systems enable a consequent process optimisation in the field of parcel logistics, warehousing, mail order and material flow. The basis for this is automated data collection relating to products, parcels and customers. This includes identifying different codes and addresses (OCR) as well as fully automated measurement of the volumes and weights. Besides optimising material flows, VITRONIC´s camerabased vision systems also ensure fully automated toll collection without interrupting into the traffic, whereas speed and red-light enforcement systems are contributing to safer roads and traffic zones. Process optimisation thanks to high-tech machine vision Customers are at the centre of our actions. A crucial goal of VITRONIC is to develop systems which substantially help to improve the efficiency and success of our customers. Meanwhile, VITRONIC has sold about 20,000 systems worldwide. Our machine vision systems are needed in many fields. We supply machine vision systems to a very wide range of different industries, from automotive manufacturers to solar cell producers, the pharmaceutical industry and others. Customers obtain turn-key solutions - visualising and measuring in two or three dimensions - in ViTRoniC Dr.-ing. Stein Bildverarbeitungssysteme Gmbh hasengartenstr. 14 o 65189 Wiesbaden o Germany Phone +49 611 7152-0 o e-Mail sales@vitronic.com internet www.vitronic.com

VMT ViSion MAChine TeChniC BiLDVeRARBeiTUnGSSYSTeMe Your system under focus: VMT is a leading, internationally operating developer of systems designed with particular emphasis on image processing solutions, laser sensor systems and robot vision guidance. experience with well over 1,000 successful customer systems enables VMT to offer a broad range of standardised as well as individually developed client-specific image processing solutions. As part of the Pepperl+Fuchs Group, VMT is in the position of being able to offer you state-of-the-art technology and optimal investment security. VMT Bildverarbeitungssysteme Gmbh Quality inspection & Robot Vision Systems VMT delivers image processing solutions and optical control systems for all industrial inspection tasks. Using sensor and software solutions of our own design, we provide highly efficient and economical turnkey solutions specially optimised for your production requirements. From project planning to servicing - you can count on the professional advice and care from our staff any time. The application portfolio we offer is particularly broad in the following divisions: Pharmaceutical, medical, food & beverage Inspection and control systems for applications such as position recognition, quality control, completion inspection, geometric control and code/text reading. Validated systems per FDA 21 CFR Part 11. o Compact machine vision systems for automotive tier 1 supplier. o Robot vision systems for all assembly tasks (BestFit door/lid assembly, soft-touch form & pierce, cockpit assembly), gap and flush measuring, precision robot guidance for glued and sealed seams. Automotive Material handling o Optical measuring and testing technology for all kinds of use in automobile production - from press loading to final assembly (e.g. 2D/3D position control, completion testing, type recognition, geometry inspection, glue application control). System solutions and commissioning for palletising, depalletising, bin-picking and automatic and flexible material handling. VMT Vision Machine Technic Bildverarbeitungssysteme Gmbh Mallaustr. 50-56 o 68219 Mannheim o Germany Phone +49 621 84250-0 o e-Mail info@vmt-gmbh.com internet www.vmt-gmbh.com

VRmagic VRmagic offers a wide range of components for industrial image processing - from USB cameras with small dimensions through multi-sensor cameras with up to four synchronised remote sensors to intelligent cameras with Linux operating system. The portfolio includes cameras with various CCD and CMoS sensors in monochrome or colour variants, with rolling or global shutter, and with resolutions from VGA to 4.2 megapixels. Cameras and imaging components by VRmagic intelligent components Intelligent cameras by VRmagic are freely programmable and provide a high level of computing power. Equipped with an own Linux operating system and a dual-core chip from Texas Instruments, they solve complex image processing tasks in a very short time and completely independently. Intelligent cameras offer a comfortable platform for programming own applications in C/C++ or other programming languages. Algorithms can be developed in standard environments and later be transferred to the camera by means of a crosscompiler. All cameras by VRmagic have the same API. transferred to the host system via the high-speed USB interface. This allows for an easy plug-andplay integration into existing systems. Framegrabbers Intelligent framegrabbers convert every analogue PAL or NTSC camera into a programmable intelligent camera with Linux operating system, d igital video output and Ethernet interface. Image processing can take place directly on the camera. USB framegrabbers enable the direct connection of PAL or NTSC cameras to a PC. The converter is supplied with power via the USB interface. The VRmagic API offers convenient access to the image data on any PC or laptop. USB components USB cameras by VRmagic accomplish all standard tasks economically and efficiently. Image data is VRmagic Gmbh o Augustaanlage 32 o 68165 Mannheim o Germany Phone +49 621 4000416-20 o e-Mail info.imaging@vrmagic.com internet www.vrmagic-imaging.com

XiMeA More than just standard - simply better XiMeA is one of the worldwide leaders for innovative camera solutions with a 20-year history of research, development and production of digital image acquisition systems. Based in Slovakia, Germany and the US and with a global distributor network, XiMeA offers their cameras worldwide. in close collaboration with customers XiMeA has developed a broad spectrum of technologies and cutting-edge, high-competitive products. XIMEA cameras find use in many industrial applications, such as motion control, robotics or q uality control in manufacturing. The broad s pectrum of cameras also includes thermally s tabilised X-ray cameras and specialty cameras for medical applications, research, surveillance and defense. PC cameras CURReRA: The IP67-compatible PCbased intelligent camera CURRERA-R comprises a complete PC and an industrial camera in a housing with the form factor of an iPhone and with a depth of only a little over 1 inch. The CURRERA-G offers up to 90 GFlops in a slightly larger housing through the innovative use of an APU (dual-core CPU and GPU). USB3.0 camera series xiQ: With this line of small (about 1 cubic inch), lightweight (26 grammes, less than 1 ounce), fast (up to 450 MB/sec), efficient (power dissipation 1 to 1.8 W) and highly integrated (on just 1 PCB) cameras, XIMEA offers a unique value and performance roposition for p the industrial market place. USB2.0 camera series xiMu: XIMEA's smallest camera with a size of only 15 x 15 x 9 mm offers big performance in tight spaces. All XIMEA cameras come with a unified SDK (available for Linux and Windows, Mac OS coming soon for xiQ) and are supported directly by 30 of the most popular image processing libraries. This allows fast rototyping and easy re-use of applip cation code for an efficient development of stable and eliable image processing r s ystems. XiMeA - what else can we do for you? XiMeA Gmbh o hansestr. 81 o 48165 Münster o Germany Phone +49 2501 964555-0 o e-Mail info@ximea.com lnternet www.ximea.com

inDeX oF MeMBeRS index of members Adept Technology Gmbh Otto-Hahn-Str. 23 44227 Dortmund Germany Phone +49 231 75894-0 info.de@adept.com www.adept.de AiT Goehner Gmbh Wilhelmsplatz 11 70182 Stuttgart Germany Phone +49 711 23853-0 info@AIT.de www.AIT.de Allied Vision Technologies Gmbh Taschenweg 2 a 07646 Stadtroda Germany Phone +49 36428 677-0 info@alliedvisiontec.com www.alliedvisiontec.com ASenTiCS Gmbh & Co. KG Birlenbacher Str. 19-21 57078 Siegen Germany Phone +49 271 30391-0 info@asentics.de www.asentics.de Automation W+R Gmbh Messerschmittstr. 7 80992 München Germany Phone +49 89 179199-0 info@automationwr.de www.automationwr.de Balluff Gmbh Schurwaldstr. 9 73765 Neuhausen a.d.F. Germany Phone +49 7158 173-0 balluff@balluff.de www.balluff.de Basler AG An der Strusbek 60-62 22926 Ahrensburg Germany Phone +49 4102 463-0 sales.europe@baslerweb.com www.baslerweb.com Baumer Gmbh Pfingstweide 28 61169 Friedberg Germany Phone +49 6031 6007-0 sales.de@baumer.com www.baumer.com Baumer inspection Gmbh Lohnerhofstr. 6 78467 Konstanz Germany Phone +49 7531 9943-0 info@baumerinspection.com www.baumerinspection.com Benteler Maschinenbau Gmbh Frachtstr. 10-16 33602 Bielefeld Germany Phone +49 521 542221 optical-systems@benteler.com www.benteler.de betacontrol Gmbh & Co. KG Am Weidekamp 10 57258 Freudenberg Germany Phone +49 2734 468-0 info@betacontrol.de www.betacontrol.de Bi-Ber Gmbh & Co. engineering KG Ostendstr. 25 12459 Berlin Germany Phone +49 30 5304-1253 info@bilderkennung.de www.bilderkennung.de Bizerba Gmbh & Co. KG Wilhelm-Kraut-Str. 65 72336 Balingen Germany Phone +49 7433 12-0 marketing@bizerba.com www.bizerba.de Borries Markier-Systeme Gmbh Siemensstr. 3 72124 Pliezhausen Germany Phone +49 7127 9797-0 info@borries.com www.borries.com BST international Gmbh Heidsieker Heide 53 33739 Bielefeld Germany Phone +49 5206 999-0 info@bst-international.com www.bst-international.com Chromasens Gmbh Max-Stromeyer-Str. 116 78467 Konstanz Germany Phone +49 7531 876-0 info@chromasens.de www.chromasens.de

inDeX oF MeMBeRS eckelmann AG Berliner Str. 161 65205 Wiesbaden Germany Phone +49 611 7103-0 info@eckelmann.de www.eckelmann.de eLTeC elektronik AG Galileo-Galilei-Str. 11 55129 Mainz Germany Phone +49 6131 918-100 info@eltec.de www.eltec.de eltromat Gmbh Herforder Str. 249-251 33818 Leopoldshöhe Germany Phone +49 5208 9 87-0 info@eltromat.de www.eltromat.de ePSon Deutschland Gmbh Otto-Hahn-Str. 4 40670 Meerbusch Germany Phone +49 2159 538-0 info@epson.de www.epson.de erhardt + Abt Automatisierungstechnik Gmbh Hauptstr. 49 73329 Kuchen Germany Phone +49 7331 3046-0 info@erhardt-abt.de www.roboter.de erhardt + Leimer Gmbh Albert-Leimer-Platz 1 86391 Stadtbergen Germany Phone +49 821 2435-0 info@erhardt-leimer.com www.erhardt-leimer.com eVT eye Vision Technology Gmbh Haid-und-Neu-Str. 7 76131 Karlsruhe Germany Phone +49 721 626 905 82 info@evt-web.com www.evt-web.com FAnUC Robotics Deutschland Gmbh Bernhäuserstr. 36 73765 Neuhausen a. d. F. Germany Phone +49 7158 9873-0 sales@fanucrobotics.de www.fanucrobotics.de Faude Automatisierungstechnik Gmbh Max-Planck-Str. 10 71116 Gärtringen Germany Phone +49 7034 2567-0 faude@faude.de www.faude.de Festo AG & Co. KG Ruiter Str. 82 73734 Esslingen-Berkheim Germany Phone +49 711 347-4415 ega@de.festo.com www.festo.de/bildverarbeitung Framos Gmbh Zugspitzstr. 5c 82049 Pullach im Isartal Germany Phone +49 89 710667-0 info@framos.de www.framos.eu heiTeC AG Systemhaus für Automatisierung und informationstechnologie Werner-von-Siemens-Str. 61 91052 Erlangen Germany Phone +49 9131 877-0 info@heitec.de www.heitec.de hella Aglaia Mobile Vision Gmbh Treskowstr. 14 13089 Berlin Germany Phone +49 30 2000429-0 mail@aglaia-gmbh.de www.aglaia-gmbh.de hema electronic Gmbh Röntgenstr. 31 73431 Aalen Germany Phone +49 7361 9495-0 info@hema.de www.hema.de hGV Vosseler Gmbh &Co. KG An der Lehmgrube 9 74613 Öhringen Germany Phone +49 7941 9100-0 info@hgv.de www.hgv.de hUMAn SoLUTionS Gmbh Europaallee 10 67657 Kaiserslautern Germany Phone +49 631 343 593 00 contact@human-solutions.de www.human-solutions.de

inDeX oF MeMBeRS iBG Robotronic Gmbh Osemundstr. 20-22 58809 Neuenrade Germany Phone +49 2392 9676-0 ibg-robotronic@goeke-group.com www.ibg-robotronic.de iDS imaging Development Systems Gmbh Dimbacher Str. 6-8 74182 Obersulm Germany Phone +49 7134 96196-0 info@ids-imaging.de www.ids-imaging.de ifm electronic gmbh Friedrichstr. 1 45128 Essen Germany Phone +49 800 161616-4 info@ifm.com www.ifm.com iMAGo Technologies Gmbh Straßheimer Str. 45 61169 Friedberg Germany Phone +49 6031 6842611 info.itf@imago-technologies.com www.imago-technologies.com iMSTec Auf dem Langloos 10 55270 Klein-Winternheim Germany Phone +49 6136 99441-10 info@imstec.de www.imstec.de inos Automationssoftware Gmbh Curiestr. 4 70563 Stuttgart Germany Phone +49 711 686897-00 inos@inos-automation.de www.inos-automation.de in-situ Gmbh Mühlweg 2 a 82054 Sauerlach / München Germany Phone +49 8104 90960-0 vision@in-situ.de www.in-situ.de iSRA SURFACe ViSion Gmbh Albert-Einstein-Allee 36-40 45699 Herten Germany Phone +49 2366 9300-0 info.surface@isravision.com www.isravision.com iSRA ViSion AG Industriestr. 14 64297 Darmstadt Germany Phone +49 6151 948-0 info@isravision.com www.isravision.com JenoPTiK Polymer Systems Gmbh Am Sandberg 2 07819 Triptis Germany Phone +49 36482 45-207 sensors-oes.os@jenoptik.com www.jenoptik.com/oes Kappa optronics Gmbh Kleines Feld 6 37130 Gleichen Germany Phone +49 5508 974-0 info@kappa.de www.kappa.de Laetus Gmbh Sandwiesenstr. 27 64665 Alsbach-Hähnlein Germany Phone +49 6257 5009-0 contact@laetus.com www.laetus.com LASeR 2000 Gmbh Argelsrieder Feld 14 82234 Wessling/München Germany Phone +49 8153 405-0 info@laser2000.de www.laser2000.de Leica Camera AG Oskar-Barnack-Str. 11 35606 Solms Germany Phone +49 6442 208-0 info@leica-camera.com www.leica-camera.com Leuze electronic Gmbh + Co. KG In der Braike 1 73277 Owen Germany Phone +49 7021 573- 0 info@leuze.de www.leuze.com LMi Technologies BV Valkenburgerweg 223 6419AT Heerlen The Netherlands Phone +31 45 850 7000 info@lmi3D.com www.lmi3D.com

84 inDeX oF MeMBeRS Mahr Gmbh Carl-Zeiss-Promenade 10 07745 Jena Germany Phone +49 3641 642696 info-jena@mahr.de www.mahr.de MATRiX ViSion Gmbh Talstr. 16 71570 Oppenweiler Germany Phone +49 7191 9432-0 info@matrix-vision.de www.matrix-vision.com MaxxVision Gmbh Sigmaringer Str. 121 70567 Stuttgart Germany Phone +49 711 997996-3 info@maxxvision.com www.maxxvision.com MBB Fertigungstechnik Gmbh Dieselstr. 6 48361 Beelen Germany Phone +49 2586 888-0 info@mbb.com www.mbb-fertigungstechnik.de Mettler-Toledo Produktinspektion Deutschland Kampstr. 7 31180 Giesen Germany Phone +49 5121 933222 PID@mt.com www.mt.com/pi Mikrotron Mikrocomputer, Digital- und Analogtechnik Gmbh Landshuter Str. 20-22 85716 Unterschleißheim Germany Phone +49 89 726342-00 info@mikrotron.de www.mikrotron.de MVTec Software Gmbh Neherstr. 1 81675 München Germany Phone +49 89 457695-0 info@mvtec.com www.mvtec.com nanoFocus AG Lindnerstr. 98 46149 Oberhausen Germany Phone +49 208 62000-0 info@nanofocus.de www.nanofocus.de national instruments Germany Gmbh Ganghoferstr. 70 b 80339 München Germany Phone +49 89 741313-0 info.germany@ni.com www.ni.com/germany neogramm Gmbh & Co. KG Julius-Hatry-Str. 1 68163 Mannheim Germany Phone +49 621 150205-0 info@neogramm.de www.neogramm.de neuroCheck Gmbh Neckarstr. 76/1 71686 Remseck Germany Phone +49 7146 8956-0 info@neurocheck.com www.neurocheck.com oBe ohnmacht & Baumgärtner Gmbh & Co. KG Turnstr. 22 75228 Ispringen Germany Phone +49 7231 802-0 trevista@obe.de www.trevista.net oCTUM Gmbh Renntalstr. 16 74360 Ilsfeld Germany Phone +49 7062 91494-0 info@octum.de www.octum.de omron electronics Gmbh Elisabeth-Selbert-Str. 17 40764 Langenfeld Germany Phone +49 2173 6800-0 info.de@eu.omron.com www.industrial.omron.de ontec Gmbh Kalkofen 10 95119 Naila Germany Phone +49 9282 931-100 info@ontec.de www.ontec.de optimum datamanagement solutions Gmbh Hirschstr. 12 - 14 76133 Karlsruhe Germany Phone +49 721 57044950 info@optimum-gmbh.de www.optimum-gmbh.de

inDeX oF MeMBeRS opto Sonderbedarf Gmbh Lochhamer Schlag 14 82166 Gräfelfing Germany Phone +49 89 8980-550 info@opto.de www.opto.de optronis Gmbh Honsellstr. 8 77694 Kehl Germany Phone +49 7851 9126-0 info@optronis.com www.optronis.com oTTo Vision Technology Gmbh Im Steinfeld 3 07751 Jena Germany Phone +49 3641 6715-0 info@otto-jena.de www.otto-jena.de pi4_robotics Gmbh Gustav-Meyer-Allee 25 13355 Berlin Germany Phone +49 30 7009694-0 sales@pi4.de www.pi4.de PMDTechnologies Gmbh Am Eichenhang 50 57076 Siegen Germany Phone +49 271 238538-800 info@pmdtec.com www.PMDTec.com Polytec Gmbh Polytec-Platz 1-7 76337 Waldbronn Germany Geschäftsbereich Bildverarbeitung Phone +49 7243 604-180 bv@polytec.de www.polytec.com/bv QUiSS Gmbh Lilienthalstr. 5 82178 Puchheim Germany Phone +49 89 89459-0 information@quiss.com www.quiss.com RAUSCheR Gmbh Johann-G.-Gutenberg-Str. 20 82140 Olching Germany Phone +49 8142 44841-0 info@rauscher.de www.rauscher.de robomotion Gmbh Maybachstr. 11 70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen Germany Phone +49 711 945426-700 info@robomotion.de www.robomotion.de SAC Sirius Advanced Cybernetics Gmbh Am Sandfeld 15 76149 Karlsruhe Germany Phone +49 721 60543-000 sales@sac-vision.de ww.sac-vision.net Jos. Schneider optische Werke Gmbh industrial optics Ringstr. 132 55543 Bad Kreuznach Germany Phone +49 671 601-205 industrie@schneiderkreuznach.com www.schneiderkreuznach.com/ industrialoptics SChoTT AG Lighting and imaging Otto-Schott-Str. 2 55127 Mainz Germany Phone +49 6131 66-7752 lightingimaging@schott.com www.schott.com/ lightingimaging Seidenader Vision Gmbh Lilienthalstr. 8 85570 Markt Schwaben Germany Phone +49 8121 802-0 info@seidenader.de www.seidenader.de SiCK AG Erwin-Sick-Str. 1 79183 Waldkirch Germany Phone +49 211 5301-0 info@sick.de www.sick.com SiCK Vertriebs-Gmbh Phone +49 211 5301-0 www.sick.com Siemens AG industry Automation Division Sensors and Communication Gleiwitzer Str. 555 90475 Nürnberg Germany Phone +49 911 895-0 simatic.ident.i-ia@siemens.com www.siemens.com/codereader

inDeX oF MeMBeRS Signum Computer Gmbh Rüdesheimer Str. 21 80686 München Germany Phone +49 89 547055-0 sales@signum-vision.de www.signum-vision.de Silicon Software Gmbh Steubenstr. 46 68163 Mannheim Germany Phone +49 621 789507-0 info@silicon-software.de www.silicon-software.com SmartRay Gmbh Bürgermeister-Finsterwalder-Ring 12 82515 Wolfratshausen Germany Phone +49 8171 9683-400 info@smartray.de www.smartray.de SoMA Gmbh Gewerbering 9 58579 Schalksmühle Germany Phone +49 2355 50828-0 info@soma.de www.soma.de STeMMeR iMAGinG Gmbh Gutenbergstr. 9-13 82178 Puchheim Germany Phone +49 89 80902-0 info@stemmer-imaging.de www.stemmer-imaging.com SVS-ViSTeK Gmbh Mühlbachstr. 20 82229 Seefeld Germany Phone +49 8152 9985-0 info@svs-vistek.com www.svs-vistek.com TechnoTeam Bildverarbeitung GmbH high precision measurement systems Trebbin Gmbh & Co. KG Industriestr. 2 + 6 85072 Eichstätt Germany Phone +49 8421 9725-0 info@trebbin.de www.trebbin.de hans Turck Gmbh & Co. KG Witzlebenstr. 7 45472 Mülheim an der Ruhr Germany Phone +49 208 4952-0 more@turck.com www.turck.com uwe braun Gmbh Am Neuen Markt 9 c 14467 Potsdam Germany Phone +49 331 201489-10 info@uwe-braun.de www.uwe-braun.com Viscom AG Vision Technology Carl-Buderus-Str. 9-15 30455 Hannover Germany Phone +49 511 94996-0 info@viscom.de www.viscom.com Vision & Control Gmbh Mittelbergstr. 16 98527 Suhl Germany Phone +49 3681 7974-23 sales@vision-control.com www.vision-control.com Vision Academy Gmbh Konrad-Zuse-Str. 15 99099 Erfurt Germany Phone +49 361 4262-187 infopoint@vision-academy.org www.vision-academy.org Vision Components Gmbh Ottostr. 2 76275 Ettlingen Germany Phone +49 7243 2167-23 sales@vision-components.com www.vision-components.com VisionTools Bildanalyse Systeme Gmbh Goethestr. 63 68753 Waghäusel Germany Phone +49 7254 9351-0 info@vision-tools.com www.vision-tools.com TechnoTeam Bildverarbeitung Gmbh Werner-von-Siemens-Str. 5 98693 Ilmenau Germany Phone +49 3677 4624-0 info@technoteam.de www.technoteam.de Tichawa Vision Gmbh Burgwallstr. 14 86316 Friedberg Germany Phone +49 821 455553-0 info@tichawa.de www.tichawa.de

inDeX oF MeMBeRS ViTRoniC Dr.-ing. Stein Bildverarbeitungssysteme Gmbh Hasengartenstr. 14 65189 Wiesbaden Germany Phone +49 611 7152-0 sales@vitronic.com www.vitronic.com VMA Gmbh Gesellschaft für visuelle Messtechnik Automatisierung mbh Gräfinauer Str. 2 98704 Wolfsberg / Ilmenau Germany Phone +49 36785 587-0 info@vma-online.de www.vma-online.de VMT Vision Machine Technic Bildverarbeitungssysteme Gmbh Mallaustr. 50-56 68219 Mannheim Germany Phone +49 621 84250-0 info@vmt-gmbh.com www.vmt-gmbh.com VRmagic Gmbh Augustaanlage 32 68165 Mannheim Germany Phone +49 621 400416-20 info.imaging@vrmagic.com www.vrmagic-imaging.com Wincor nixdorf Technology Gmbh Am Vogelherd 67 98693 Ilmenau Germany Phone +49 3677 862-0 info@wincor-nixdorf.com www.wincor-nixdorf.com XiMeA Gmbh Hansestr. 81 48165 Münster Germany Phone +49 2501 964 5550 info@ximea.com www.ximea.com www.vdma.com/visionfinder

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