Organic and Printed Electronics - Applications, Technologies and Supplies

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OE-A Brochure – With interactive cover page
The 7th edition of the OE-A Brochure “Organic and Printed Electronics – Applications, Technologies and Supplies” contains the latest information on organic and printed electronics. From trends and developments to market data, as well as an overview of the products and services of the OE-A members.
The OE-A Brochure features an interactive cover page that lets you experience the next generation of electronics: Enabling new applications that are thin, lightweight, flexible and produced at low cost. 10,000 NFC tags have been produced, and one is integrated into each OE-A Brochure – a clear example of printed electronics already being produced en masse. The demonstrator illustrates the versatility that organic and printed electronics can offer in terms of scalability, miniaturization, adaptability, manufacturability, integration, complexity and high technical yield.
Tapping the NFC tag with your smart device automatically takes you to a website, where you will find a number of OE-A members and partners that have embraced this technology and are using it as a marketing tool.

Editorial – OE-A Connects You to the World of Organic and Printed Electronics
OE-A – Connecting the Organic and Printed Electronics Industry
OE-A’s Key Activities
Competitive Growth Industry – Printed Electronics Everywhere
International Events – Building Bridges Between Sectors and Continents
OE-A Working Groups – Fostering Collaboration Along the Entire Value Chain
Global Visibility – Getting the Word out About (Your) Organic and Printed Electronics
LOPEC – The Entire Industry in One Spot
OE-A Roadmap for Organic and Printed Electronics – Executive Summary
Outlook on the Organic and Printed Electronics Market – A Decade of Growth for Printed Electronics
The Future of Printed Products is in Your Hands – Interactive Cover Page
EMINT – VDMA Sector Association Electronics, Micro and Nano Technologies
OE-A Member Profiles
OE-A Products & Services Directory
OE-A Members

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