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EHEDG 2019
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The objective of this guideline is to provide guidance for selection and design of new CIP installations and for upgrading existing ones to meet minimum hygienic design principles. Also, the guideline provides key considerations on operating CIP installations. The objective is to provide a clear and practical document to describe the requirements for designing, building or operating a CIP installation, including the CIP station and its circuits.
The basic principles of wet cleaning and disinfection as described in EHEDG Guideline 52 – Cleaning and disinfection (publication pending) are considered as prerequisites and will not be duplicated in this guideline.
This guideline will not describe the engineering design specifics of:
SIP or Sterilization in Place, as this is considered as a first step in aseptic processing.
Drying need & component limitations
Product recovery by means of a water flush, air or pigging, a synthetic plug push through a piping system, or ice pigging, in order to recover a maximum of product. This is considered to be the last step of production.
Specific cleaning issues and cleaning procedures for special equipment like vessels, evaporators, membrane installations, fillers, sterilisers, fluid beds. The equipment to be cleaned within this guideline will be regarded as a black box, with an in and out cleaning specification. Vessel cleaning is described in the EHEDG Guideline Doc. 51 – Vessel Cleaning (publication pending).
Large diameter piping systems with diameters over 150 mm, where hydraulic conditions for CIP are very difficult to be obtained, due to engineering constraints or investment limitations.

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