Doc. 40 Hygienic Engineering of Valves in Process Lines for Dry Particulate Materials - croatian version

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EHEDG October 2010
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Every process plant is equipped with valves. In dry particulate materials processing, valves fulfil numerous functions: shut-off and opening of flow lines, direction and flow control, protection against excessive orinsufficient pressure and against intermixing of incompatible media at intersection points in the process.
The quality of the valve has a considerable influence on the quality of the production process and hence, the product itself. Hygienic deficiencies resulting from poor valve design must be regarded as a production risk in the food industry which must ensure that only valves strictly conforming to hygienic requirements are used.
In this Guideline, hygienic requirements of the following valves are described:Butterfly valves, Slide gate valves,Ball segment valves,Valves that are only briefly mentioned in this guideline are:
Pinch-off valves, Ball and plug valves,Cone valves