Doc. 34. Integration of hygienic and aseptic systems - lithunian version

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"EHEDG 2006
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Hygienic and/or aseptic systems comprise inter alia individual components, machinery, measurement systems, management systems and automation that are used to produce for example food products, medicines, cosmetics, home & personal products and even water products. This horizontal guideline is about the hygienically safe integration of hygienic (including aseptic) systems in a food production/processing facility. Systems and components are frequently put together in a way that creates new hazards, especially microbiological ones. Deficiencies during the sequence of design, contract, design-change, fabrication, installation and commissioning are often the cause of these failures, even when specific design guidelines are available and are thought to be well understood. Errors in sequencing and content can also result in major penalties in terms of delays and in costs of components and construction."