Doc. 17. Hygienic design of pumps, homogenisers and dampening devices - english version

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EHEDG 4th Edition 2020
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As standard, a pump for food production shall be constructed according to hygienic aspects and ensure gentle product handling. For special requirements, the pump should optionally allow for retrofitting (e.g. jacketed pump housing, single, quenched or double mechanical seals).
Typical pump materials (metallic and non-metallic, elastomers and synthetics) and the quality of cast surfaces are indicated, cross reference is made to other EHEDG Guidelines.
Differences between the EHEDG Guidelines (Europe) and the 3-A Standards criteria (USA) are indicated.
For CIP-able pumps for food production, a product contact surface finish of Ra ≤ 0.8 μm shall be kept. Product surface finish of Ra ≤ 0.8μm up to Ra ≤ 3,2 μm is allowed if it has been validated by an appropriate test (e.g. centrifugal pumps or areas of high velocity (see Doc. 2, ref. 1).
μ3-A stipulates that for CIP-able pumps for food production a surface finish of Ra ≤ 0.8μm is to be observed in principle.
All components included in this Guideline shall be designed for CIP and SIP if necessary.
Chambers streamed with product shall be self-deaerating, without dead ends and should optionally provide a drainage facility without dead ends.
Different classes of pumps (displacement pumps, fluid flow- pumps and other pumps plus turbines), homogenizer and dampening device for fluids in the food industry are included. Examples for non-hygienic and hygienic as well as aseptic design are illustrated (Annexes).

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